Tips for Real Men: How to Chase a Girl You Like

Tips for Real Men: How to Chase a Girl You LikeYou've got a crush on the prettiest girl you've ever seen and now you want to show her your feelings. You choose chasing her as the only one existing way out of the situation. But wait a minute, do you really know what to do and are you sure that you will win her? Use our tips on how to chase a girl you like and get the desirable result.

You might have heard it for thousand times, that real men should never chase after women. It's women who have to chase men. This point of view share men, who are very confident in their appearance and know that every girl will be their if they only wish it. And many men believe, that girls should be pursued (actually the society tells this point of view to girls). But do you know what is the golden mean? It's combining two points of view and know where to stop. Use this strategy and you will win the girl you like.

How long should you chase the girl? Actually it depends only on you. Some prefer it a week, others say, that a month should be fine. But some men continue their chase for years. We'd say that a month is really enough. During this time you will be able to show your feelings and see if she feels something for you too.

Don't push too much. Especially if the girl doesn't give you any signs, that you might be something more than just friends. Start with mere conversations, nothing more. Don't flirt with the girl, unless she did the same. Flirting too much will make her think that you want only sex. So just talk to her and show your interest in her hobbies and activities. Don't talk about yourself all the time like you're number one. Girls are super smart and see, if you're desperate or not. So when should you flirt with her? Only when the girl starts flirting with you.

Go easy on texting. You may send the girl you like text messages, but don't do it all day long, especially if you don't get any answer. How many times a day should you do it? Well, try it once, in the morning, and tell her “Good morning, how are u?”. Wait till she answers you, only then text back. In case the girl doesn't send you anything back for a week, then only you can try to send a message once more.

Be consistent in what you do. If you chose to chase after the girl, then do it. Don't act first like you're interested in her and then suddenly you seem to be distant and cold. Don't make her think that you have mixed feelings about her or you didn't decide what to do. Girls hate that and if you do a mistake, then it will be nearly impossible to correct it and win the girl. So always be consistent.

Don't try to make her jealous. This is also about being consistent in what you do. For instance, you chase after the girl for a month and she shows no signs of interest in you. You're desperate and start doing anything to win her. For instance, you start dating the other girl. And you make sure that the girl you have crush on knows about it. Now, if she's jealous, you ask her out and get the answer “No”. This is the point where you have to stop the game forever. The girl gave you her answer, and “No” doesn't mean “Yes, but later”. “No” really means that you have no chance, your game is over.



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