8 Best Ways to Make Your Girl Feel Special

8 Best Ways to Make Your Girl Feel SpecialEvery girl wants to feel that she's special for her boy. And do you know that you really can do it with no fuss? Here are our 8 best ways to make your girl feel special.

Happy relations never just happen. They need both of you to work, and if your girl really does everything for you to feel happy, why don't you do the same for her? Your little signs of attention will start an endless chain reaction, and both of you will be happier together. So what can you do for your girl? It turns out, that plenty of different things!

#1 Cook for her. We don't tell you to do it every day, but at least sometimes you could take on her apron. For instance, let her stay in bed for a little longer on Sunday, while you make breakfast. Even if you're not the greatest cook in the world and a cold sandwich is everything you can do, she will appreciate the way you care about her.

#2 Make small gifts. Big gifts require the amount of money, that's why they are usually not affordable. But small gifts come from heart and they can brighten the day of you girl. Your gifts don't have to be expensive, but thoughtful.

#3 Give her a massage. You may find it silly that we remind you to touch your girl, but she really needs it. By the way, there should be no sexual context. Your girl will be happy if you give her gentle neck massage after a hard day and kiss her.

#4 Tell her she's beautiful. We don't say that you have to tell her “Your bum is great in this dress”, when she asks you how she looks. You need to tell her that she's beautiful, when she's uncombed and has just woken up. You love your girl for her natural beauty, not for her bum in a tight dress.

#5 Clean after yourself. When it comes to the relations, being a caveman won't help you make your girl feel special. She's not your maid, that's why you can make a small effort and pick up after yourself. Whether you live together, at your or her place, stay neat and pick up that garbage you produce. You're also responsible for keeping the place where you leave clean.

#6 Talk to her. Yes, ask your girl, how was her day. And while you talk, don't look down at your cellphone. It can wait, and conversations with person you love is more important than anything else in the world.

#7 Don't compare her. We know there'd been many women in your life before you met your girl, but you don't have to compare her to others. You can't make her feel that she's the best out of all the other girls by comparing. Don't bring up your past, instead of it make her feel like she's the only one, because she is.

#8 Remember the names of her friends. Her friends really have nothing to do with your relations, but remembering their names is important for your girl. If you remember her friends, it means that you listen to her. And if you listen, you care about what your girl tells you. And if you care, then she's special. Everything is very simple!



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