Tips for Creating a Bucket List

Tips for Creating a Bucket ListA bucket list is a list of things to do (goals to achieve, activities to try, dreams to fulfill, etc.) before you die. This term comes from the euphemistic idiom “to kick the bucket” which means “to die”. Having a bucket list prevents people from being caught up in routine and helps them live life to the fullest. Here are some tips for creating your own bucket list.

There are no strict rules for making a bucket list, it can include anything and everything you want to do and experience. And that is why creating a list of things to do, see, feel, experience and achieve before you kick the bucket can be a bit hard – there are so many things you want and you just don't know where to begin. We suggest that you come up with several categories and then list at least five items in each category. Here are several categories you can start with.

Traveling. Traveling is one of the best ways to experience new things and meet new people. There surely are lost of places you want to visit – sites, cities, countries – and you can start your bucket list with them. List every single place you'd like to visit, even if these trips seem too expensive. Maybe one day you will be able to afford them!

People to meet. Have you been dreaming of meeting your favorite actor, singer, author, someone you idolize and/or consider a role model? List all the inspirational people you want to meet in person in your bucket list. You never know who you will cross paths with, so don't think that you will never meet the people you've listed. Stranger things have happened.

Goals and achievements. List the goals you want to achieve in different areas, including (but not limited to) career, love, family, social life, finance, health, spiritual, etc. We recommend that you list big, ultimate goals as well as smaller goals that are easier to achieve.

Skills and activities. Think about the skills you want to learn and the activities you want to try out. The examples of such bucket list items are: learning a foreign language, taking up a new sport, taking part in a marathon, scuba diving or snorkeling, skiing, horseback riding, extreme sports, mounting climbing, flying a hot-air balloon, playing a musical instrument, etc.

Small things. There are small things that can make our life much happier. Unfortunately, a lot of people think they can do these things any time, but never actually get them done. So make sure your bucket list includes simple activities like watching a sunrise/sunset, stargazing, spending time with your friends and family, sleeping outdoors, walking barefoot, enjoying your favorite food, and so on.

When you're creating your bucket list, don't limit yourself. Imagine that you have unlimited time, money and resources. You also should remember that you bucket list can and should be reviewed every now and then. When you come up with a new item, add it to the list before you forget. Don't forget to remove the things that have been done and the goals that have been achieved, as well as the items that are not relevant anymore (you're allowed to change your mind about the things you want to do).



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