What Your Profile Picture Can Tell About You as a Friend?

What Your Profile Picture Can Tell About You as a Friend?Your social media account has an extensive info about all your life, and nowadays it's a great platform for making friends with people you don't know. No need to go out, especially if you're shy and don't feel comfortable with strangers. So online friendship has become a way to socialize, but whether you find many friends or not depends only on the pictures you post. Let's see what your profile picture can tell about you as a friend?

You never know a person till you meet them in real life and see how they act in different situations. But even one look at the profile picture is enough to tell some information about its owner. And in many cases the information people get can make you likable or not likable.

Duck face. The picture where you have your lips together in a combination of pout and a pucker, that makes you look like a duck, should make you cute and lovely. However, so many girls have pictures of duck face, that one more makes the situation hilarious.

You and your pet. People who post pictures of themselves holding a beloved pet (usually it's a puppy) tell the world, that they have a kind heart and they are very caring persons. At the same time pet is kind of an extension of person's identity, and in this situation an expression “Love me, love my dog” is the best description for the person that people see on the picture. By the way, the pet you have can also tell about you many others things. For instance, owners of dogs are extroverts, while cat people are generally introverts.

You and your relations. You want to claim the world that you have someone significant, that's why post pictures, where both of you are uncomfortably close to each other, probably kissing. Well, it's great for you, but not for your probable friends. Such pictures make people want to vomit and at the same time they tell that you have no life. So remember, that people who are gushed about their relationship are not likable. Try to disclose less about your relationship, and you will be more likable.

A cropped picture. More than 50 per cent of all profile pictures are photoshoped. We can understand it, because everyone wants to look their best. But what if you have a profile picture, where you're cropped out of the group photo? You think that you look great on this picture, but in fact, you know that your friends look better than you do, that's why you crop the photo.

Your old photo. Some people like to use their old photos for profile pictures. What your probable friends can tell about you while looking at it? If you post your baby photo, it means, that you don't want to grow up. And if you have a photo that was taken many years ago, it declares that now you don't have anything interesting to show or tell. In fact, you're a very boring person!

Selfie. Selfies can be very different and they tell lots of information. For instance, the picture of you in a plane/boat/helicopter means, that you love to travel and you have money. A mirror-shot of muscles (common for sporty guys) tells that you're working hard and you're proud of your appearance, in other words – you're narcissistic and insecure. If you hold camera lower while taking picture, it means that you're totally OK, if people see you the way you are. Such pictures make you more likable. Moreover, your pose and your smile can also tell lots about you, e.g., whether you're bookish, outgoing, an open person or have a great sense of humor. So choose your selfie picture correctly, if you want to make a good impression.



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