6 Signs Your Life Is on the Right Track

6 Signs Your Life Is on the Right TrackEverybody has doubts at some point or another. Even when everything seems okay, we might feel like there's something holding us back. Even when we are (seemingly) happy, we might question our life choices. How do you know whether you need to change something in your life or not? Here are six signs your life is on the right track.

1. You learn from your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes because nobody is perfect. Each mistake is a life lesson, learning from your mistakes helps you move forward. You shouldn't get upset when you make a mistake. If you never make the same mistake twice, you're doing everything right.

2. You enjoy the present moment. Some people are constantly waiting for things to happen to them. But life is not about waiting, it is about living and enjoying every day. If you are just waiting for something big to happen, you will never notice things that are already happening. We aren't saying that you shouldn't have something to look forward to. What we mean is that you should enjoy the present moment as well.

3. You are able to say “no”. People who say “yes” to everything that comes their way are easily taken advantage of and tend to spend their energy and time on things that are not worth it. Engaging in everything that comes your way is wasteful. If you are able to get your priorities straight and focus on things that really matter, your life is definitely on the right track.

4. You are not afraid to hear “no”. Sometimes you get rejected. It's completely normal, rejection is an integral part of our lives. They say that when one door closes, another opens. If you agree with this saying, then you understand that one rejection is not the end of the world. Not letting a rejection disrupt your goals is the sign that you are steering your life on the right course.

5. You don't compare yourself to others. No one is perfect, we all have our strength and weaknesses. Comparing yourself to other people is never productive, it only leads to jealousy, envy, insecurities, and low self-esteem. If you are aware of your assets, can see the good in others, and compare your present self to your past self, just keep going!

6. Your friend motivate you. The key to personal growth is surrounding yourself with people who encourage you to grow. If you're feeling like your friends are holding you back and prevent you from becoming a better version of yourself, you probably need to find new friends. Your friends should reflect your desire to grow and aspiration to achieve.



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