How to Handle Friends Who Exclude You

How to Handle Friends Who Exclude YouLosing friends is one of the biggest dramas in our life. Without friends we feel lack of social activity and it's especially big deal for those, who can't stand being alone. So your friends don't invite you to parties or other special events and you feel offended. Does it mean that your friendship is over and how can you handle friends who exclude you?

Whether you believe it or not, but it's normal to be left out of some events. For instance, you're friends with some new people for a short period of time. Although you think that they have to include you into their activities, these new people might have another point of view. And even if you're friends for a long period of time, don't expect to come to all events. Your friends might think that you're busy or it may be only the reason of lack of place.

Don't bother about being excluded, if you still come to many other events with your friends, that are organized now and then. Being left out for once only doesn't mean anything! It just happened. So get over that disgusting feeling of the victim and enjoy time with your friends. Well, if you want to, you can try to find out the reason why you were left out. Get ready to be surprised with a number of theories, what and why it happened. Everyone will try to blame others in order not to offend you that it was their idea.

If you're excluded very often, then what does it mean for your friendship? Let's face the truth, your friendship has problems. It's given a crack, and your exclusion is just the way to tell you that your friends don't want to hang out with you anymore.

How should you handle those friends, who leave you behind? Talk to your friends how you feel about being excluded and see what they will answer. If the situation changes, if might have been just a mere misunderstanding. But if you see no progress, then you don't have common interests with your friends, and it's time to leave them.

You've got a different way to go, and deal with it by diversifying your interests. Find new hobbies, attend classes. You will meet many new people, who will become your friends. Having other social circles is the only thing that can help you. Meet and spend more time with people from those circles in order to feel socialized.

We know that telling goodbye to your old good friends is very hard, but you have to do it, especially if they don't acknowledge your feelings. You deserve something much better than that. Find new people who will treat you well and respect your feelings and interests.



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