How to Unwind Body and Soul in 48 Hours

How to Unwind Body and Soul in 48 HoursIt's Friday, and a long working week is already behind you. Now you're waiting till it's 5 p.m. to go home and try to relax. However, five stressful days don't let you relax and enjoy the weekend, the thoughts over your work keep buzzing in your head. On Monday you will feel like you didn't have rest at all. Our tips on how to unwind your body and soul in 48 hours will help you to spend this weekend like a mini-vacation.

You might think, that some activities, like watching TV, drinking martini or being a couch potato, are very helpful to relax during the weekend, however, you are wrong. You won't relax and release stress, because you don't let you body work and mind get rest of your daily problems. Forget everything about your usual way to relax and try these simple activities.

Wake up and listen to silence. Let yourself have a rest of bad thoughts and finally shut up that crazy chatterbox in your head. Start your day with meditation, that will clear your mind. And those who find silence boring, may practice guided meditation.

Don't lay on a couch. Doing nothing, just relaxing on a couch is not the best way to get some rest. In fact, it's the worst way to relax! Don't be a couch potato and go to move your body. Choose any activity that will make your heart pump: running, playing tennis or a class of aerobics, that you've always wanted to try but had no time.

Turn off all screens. Don't check your email and don't follow the life of your friends via Instagram and Twitter. You can also put all unnecessary calls on hold. Being constantly connected causes stress, although you might even not realize it. Enjoy live activities, like music, read a book a go to a club.

Go sunbathing. The sound of water, sandy beach and warmth... What can be better than that? Your vacation might be over or you still have to wait for it, but it's not an excuse to stay away from enjoying the warm days on the beach.

Escape with a book. Escapism is a great way to combat stress, and you can practice it any time. Pick up an interesting book and read it in silence. The book will take you away from daily worries to another world.

Eat healthy food. People who cook for themselves live longer, because they eat healthy food. Stay away from pizzas and hamburgers. Opt for healthy and organic food: salad, meat and grains is what you need.

Sleep enough. Do you sleep enough during the working week? You might be so busy that even don't have time to have a required 7-hour sleep everyday. Now it's your chance to sleep. Make your bedroom cozy for sleep – clean it up, put fresh linens and have a lavender sachet on your pillow before you go to bed. Long and restorative sleep is what you need for a productive week.



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