How to Be a Mysterious Woman

How to Be a Mysterious WomanMystery is the first thing that attracts men to you. All your potential partners will be scrambling for clues to find more about you, and it will make them even more interested in you, if you seem to be mysterious. Well, if you lack this special feature, then it's time to find out how to be a mysterious woman.

Being mysterious to men is very easy. Notice, that you don't have to lurk in shadows in order to look mysterious. It's more about your state of mind and the way you can slightly tease men to keep them interested in you.

Listen more, talk less. All girls are talkative, and if they find a pair of ears, they will definitely tell all their previous life during the next 30 minutes. Where is mystery? Give your potential partner as little information as possible on the first day. Beware not to look like you have secrets, just don't reveal everything at once. Instead of it listen to your partner more, you will find out so many interesting things about him!

Don't respond immediately. Modern technology keeps you tuned up and you want to respond any call or message just the second you get it. Well, don't do it, at least not always. Wait for half an hour or two hours next time when your partner sends you a message or you've missed his call. You have your own life and you might be too busy to contact him. And what did you do at this time? Let it be a mystery to him.

Don't be available all the time. Whenever your potential partner asks you to join any activity, you don't have to agree all the time. Let yourself miss it, especially if you don't really like it. Next time when you will agree, the time spent together will be fantastic.

Have a wide range of interests. Being mysterious also means being interesting. You can't be interesting if you're not interested in anything yourself. Find various hobbies, and the more they are unusual, the better for you. Even if you like to collect coins, marks or dolls, you still can be interested in scuba diving or cars. By the way, men adore women who like cars.

Hide your thoughts and feelings. Your face expresses all your emotions and feelings, and you're an open book to your partner. We don't tell you to hide all your emotions! If your partner jokes, then give a smile or even giggle, but don't laugh like it's the funniest thing you've ever heard. Let your partner know about your emotions or feelings, but not about everything or how deep they are.

Don't be too impressed. Men need to impress women in order to gain their affection. But if you demonstrate that whatever your partner does for you really impresses you, he will lose any interested in you. Instead of it make sure that you look pleased with what he does, but act like you've seen some greater and better things. For instance, your partner gives you one hundred red roses, smile at him and tell “Thank you”, but don't faint or squeal with delight.

Being mysterious is like balancing on the edge. You have to be a good actress and at the same time feel, when you're crossing the limit. Don't overact, otherwise your partner might get tired of your mysterious behavior and leave you.



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