6 Engagement Party Ideas

6 Engagement Party IdeasAn engagement party is a great way to formally announce you engagement and celebrate it with your friends and family. Although a cocktail party at the bride's parents' house is a traditional variant, many couples prefer to celebrate their engagement in a more unconventional way. Here are some engagement party ideas for you to consider.

Formal reception. A formal engagement party in a restaurant or country club is a classical (and classy) variant. You may consider it if you are going to invite your extended families. However, you shouldn't dismiss informal options: you can throw another party just for your closest relatives and friends.

Theme party. Theme parties are always fun, they are a great way to entertain guests. It will be great if the theme of your engagement party has something to do with your history as a couple. For example, if you met at Comic-Con, you can throw a superhero party. He proposed on a secluded beach during a romantic getaway? Have a beach party! It is a good way to reenact your most romantic moments.

BBQ. If you are going for informal, you can never be wrong with a barbecue with its relaxed atmosphere. Besides, a BBQ is cheap. You can save on the venue (a backyard will do) and decorations, and ask the guests to bring a dish or some booze.

Cake tasting. If you have already started planning your wedding and can't decide on a cake, you can turn your engagement party into cake tasting. Serve your guests mini cakes in different flavors and ask them to help you choose the best one. Wine tasting is also a good variant.

Rooftop party. We don't mean a celebration on the rooftop of your apartment building (although it can be an option, too). Rooftop bars and restaurants are not uncommon, so it won't be a problem to find a venue for the event. A rooftop party can be as formal or casual as you want. It's a great option for a summer night when you can enjoy warm weather, amazing view and good company. However, you can throw a rooftop party in later spring or early autumn as well. Just don't forget to stock on pashminas or blankets in case the weather gets cool.

Brunch or lunch party. If you don't want to make your engagement party a big event, you can throw a brunch/lunch party with your favorite food and mimosas/Bellinis. It's a casual and relaxed variant. Of course, it needs to take place on a weekend so that everyone will be able to come. You can hold the party at home or in a small cozy restaurant.



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