How to Become a Successful Person

How to Become a Successful PersonHow to become a successful person? This question torments a lot of people who are not sure that they have got everything they want in life.

Successful people are happy people. They understand that they have achieved everything they dreamed of. It is difficult to succeed, but it is quite possible. How can you do it?

First, you should understand where you want to succeed: in your marriage or in your career. Sometimes people have happy marriage and successful career but they don't feel happy. The reason is lack of self-development. In this case trips and new discoveries will be useful. Self-development is a true way to success.

Draw a plan. Write down everything you would like to achieve in 10 years. Is the list very long? Leave just two points. These points are your final aims, achieving which will make you a successful person. History knows a lot of examples when a person set unattainable goals and achieved them.

Successful people are not afraid to fall. The always “go up”. Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's, mortgaged his house and insurance for getting a food distributor license and earned $600 million.

A successful person is not afraid of rejection. Ang Lee, the producer of “Brokeback Mountain”, “Life of Pi” and “Hulk” had been unemployed for 6 years. He had been trying to promote his ideas and screenplays, but had got a lot of refusals. But we can only imagine how people who refused him were surprised when he won the contest and investors put money into the movie “Tui Shou” that boosted his further career.

Successful people believe in themselves. Marshall Mathers lived with his mother in a Detroit suburb. He was the only white boy in the neighborhood inhabited by Afro-Americans. He had a dream of becoming a rapper, but Afro-American peers used to remind him that white people couldn't rap a priori.

He suffered from constant humiliation, but didn't stop believing in himself, taking part in battles and releasing albums. All that left unattended until he released “Slim Shady”, which became a hit and the world found out Eminem.

A successful person looks for opportunities. Sheldon Adelson had dreamed of becoming rich all his life. He had been selling shampoos, soap, newspapers until he earned enough to open a computer exhibition in Las Vegas. And at age 55 Sheldon Adelson became the founder of the largest casino in the world.

No one is born a successful person, you have to become one. Distinct goals, self-belief, ability to stand on your own feet and hard work will help you to succeed in your life.