8 Speed Dating Dos

8 Speed Dating DosIf you decided to try speed dating, you need to get prepared to the event in order not to embarrass yourself and actually score a date. We have already compiled a list of speed dating don'ts, now it's time to talk about speed dating dos.

Dress nicely. Speed date events can be casual, but this doesn't mean that you don't need to dress presentably. Your clothes are an important part of the first impression you make. Wear clothes that suit you and make you feel comfortable. It is recommended that you avoid “boring” colors (black, gray, white, beige). However, your clothes should not be too bright, extravagant, or revealing.

Smile. A sincere smile is a universal sign of friendliness. It helps create a friendly atmosphere and will make the other person more relaxed. You can joke to lighten the mood, but you should abstain from dirty jokes and pop culture references your date might not get.

Be positive and relaxed. Meeting a lot of new people can make your nervous, but there is nothing to be anxious about. Even if you embarrass yourself in front of someone, you are unlikely to meet this person again. Don't overthink your words and actions, just take it easy and go with the flow.

Act interested. Listen when the other person is talking. Even if you don't find them particularly interesting, zoning out, yawning, rolling your eyes or checking out the waiter/bartender is plain rude. You are perfectly capable of listening for a couple of minutes, aren't you? To show your genuine curiosity, ask questions (after making sure they are appropriate).

Be ready to talk about yourself. People love when they are being listened to, but they will also want to learn something about you, so you need to be prepared to talk about yourself. Each date at speed dating events is between three to five minutes, and you will have to talk about yourself approximately half of this time. If you don't know what to say, you'll have to deal uncomfortable silence.

Pay compliments. Everyone loves compliments regardless of their gender, so making a compliment to your date is a good way to earn some points. Just make sure you sound sincere, because cliché compliments won't work.

Be open-minded. Some people come to speed dating events with a clear image of a perfect mate in their mind. However, if you focus on this image too much, you will miss an opportunity to find a good friend or score a date. So don't compare your dates to some ideal standard. You also shouldn't automatically assume that the event will land you nowhere. Keep an open mind and leave your preconceived expectations at home!

Have fun. Don't expect to meet the love of your life at a speed dating event. In fact, don't expect anything. The point of speed dating is to enjoy the experience and meet new people. If the whole concept of speed dating makes you uncomfortable and you are completely disinterested in the experience, you probably need to find other ways of meeting new people.



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