Unity Candle Ceremony Tips

Unity Candle Ceremony TipsThe unity candle ceremony is a very popular choice of many couples, who want to make their wedding romantic. It's perfect for Christian as well as non-Christian weddings, because it suggest no special religious aspects. We would like your wedding to be perfect, that's why we've prepared useful unity candle ceremony tips for you.

Outdoor unity candle ceremonies don't always go well due to wind and heat. When it's windy outside, then it's hard to keep your candles lit. And the heat makes taper candles soft and they begin to bend. And since almost all weddings are outdoors, be ready for several challenges. By the way, you may also use the unity candle ceremony alternatives and still have a romantic ceremony during your wedding.

First of all think about a nicely decorated table where you will put your three candles. You can also prepare candle holders for the ceremony. The holders will remind you about the day of your marriage in the future. But for now they will add to the beauty of the ceremony.

Don't forget about the lighters or matches. Put them on the table or make sure that the best man or one of your bridesmaids responsible for the wedding emergency kit has them. If you don't want anyone to mess with the lighters, then use a tea light or a small attractive oil lamp burning before your wedding begins. During the ceremony you won't need matches any more.

You may be a bit nervous during the ceremony, and it will influence on how the candles catch fire. The wicks that have never burnt before can be tricky. We suggest you lighting the wicks of all three candles before the ceremony and then extinguishing them. The candles will be much easier to light.

Wind may blow out your candles at any time, if you have an outdoor wedding. Place your unity candle inside of a glass hurricane lamp, thus protecting the fire. By the way, you may use a nice aquarium, where your taper candles and unity candle will burn.

Mothers of the bride and groom usually light the taper candles before the beginning of the ceremony. However, you can make the ceremony more symbolic, if you and your partner light your own candles before the ceremony of the unity candle begins. By the way, in this case you won't have half burned taper candles, that don't look attractive any more.

If you have children, then you can include them to your ceremony. Prepare small taper candles for your kids and together with them light the unity candle.

Make sure that non of your candles has special decoration, that can easily catch fire. Of course, beads and laces look great, but they are highly inflammable, thus dangerous.

Now, we're going to answer the main question, that many brides ask: do you have to extinguish your candles or not. Surprisingly, there is no right answer. Some prefer keep the candles burning till the end, symbolizing the end of two separate lives. Others think that two taper candles have to be extinguished by the couple. We repeat once again: it's only your choice.



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