How to Increase Your Creativity

How to Increase Your CreativityBeing creative may sound to someone as being insane. Strict lines of thinking don't let your inner spring of creativity become full of crazy thoughts. We're going to break your usual way of thinking and help you increase your creativity with these little and easy steps.

Find your own source of creativity. The source may be anything particular, like nature, people or even things and music. Whenever you find your source, you don't have to wait till your inspiration comes around. You activate your creativity on demand.

Make a creativity room. There are may be hundreds of things that inspire you, and you can collect them together in one room only. Make sure that you see or touch things that boost your creativity. If you don't have enough space, then think about a creativity corner or a creativity chest.

Visit a foreign country. Change the environment around you, if you really don't have any creative idea for a long time. Going abroad and experiencing new culture, food and nature can boost your creativity for a long term. Just use what you've seen and your imagination.

Collect nice ideas. Instead of looking for ideas and the way out of some situation, concentrate your mind on one task only. Collect ideas and write them down. You can use these ideas later to find an extraordinary way our of your problem.

Sleep on it. You know that in order to find a way out of a problem, you have to sleep on it. The same is with your creativity. Take a nap, if you want to create something special, but you don't know where to start. You will find a solution in your dream. Remember, that it works only in case, when you've already gathered information about your problem. So make sure that you first work, and only then have some rest, not vice versa.

Limit yourself. People who don't limit themselves, usually tend to use previous successful solutions in order to make something creative. It doesn't work any more. Leave your comfort zone and limit yourself in everything. If you're a writer, then try to write a story in 500 words only. Designers can limit themselves to the use of a certain set of colors etc.

Restructure the problem. Many creative people and innovators don't look directly for the solution of a problem. Instead of it they spend much time restructuring it. Only when they have a new vision of the problem, the creative solution comes.

Ask yourself “What might have been?”. Imagine the world where pigs fly and trees grow upside down, what would it be like? Whenever you need a creative solution, ask yourself different “what might have been?” questions.

Let yourself fail. You may find a great number of creative paintings, but you never know how much the artists worked on them. Every painting has tens of sketches and several unsuccessful copies, that have made it so great.

Work when you're tired. Tiredness can help promote creative ideas, perhaps, because at this time we don't fully control the flow of our thoughts. Try to work late in the night if you're an early-morning person or wake up at sunrise if you like to work in the night.



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