What to Do If Grandparents Spoil Your Child

What to Do If Grandparents Spoil Your ChildThere is a joke, that grandparents' work is spoiling their grandchildren and then sending them back home. It may sound funny to your parents and in-laws, but not to you, because you have to deal with a little disaster full of sugar right before going to bed. So what can you do if your grandparents spoil your child?

There are different ways your parents can spoil your children. Giving special treats, buying different things and even being lenient with them. All of these affects the behavior of your child, and when he or she comes back home, you have a nightmare. It's time to stop it and here are several tips that will help you find the way out of this problem.

Talk to your parents and in-laws about your child. Choose the moment when your child is not in the room and then talk to your parents. Tell them that you love the way they treat your child, but you're concerned about some problems with behavior or health. Don't blame your parents or in-laws and don't tell them stop spoiling your child, because it won't make any good. Make your parents a part of the solution, instead of blaming them in something. Set some rules, that everyone should follow, and make sure to provide special ground for them. For instance, no more unhealthy snacks, because your child suffers obesity etc. If it doesn't help, then buy some snacks you would allow your child to eat, and leave them at your parent's house. Be sure that they will appreciate it.

Talk to your own child. Even small children are clever enough to understand, that whatever goes on at grandma and grandpa's house is special. You have to point it out and tell your child, that at home everything goes its usual way, while at grandparents' something nice is always waiting for them. In case your conversation with your parents didn't help and they still spoil their grandchild, it will help you make sure that your child remembers your home rules.

Now let's deal with grandparents who buy too much goodies for their grandchildren. We understand that your house is already full of different stuff provided by your parents or in-laws and you don't want it any more. Well, just ask grandparents to leave all the goodies they buy at their house, and their grandchild will have an opportunity to play with them whenever he comes to visit them. Once the goodies start to pile up there, they will get the message.

Make sure that grandparents don't break the rules you set at home. It's usually done unintentionally. Your parents are not able to follow them, just because your child is stubborn. For instance, you child has to go to bed at eight, but grandparents couldn't make it happen. Grandparents get A for the effort, although it wasn't totally successful.

Think, whether there are some things that you can allow your parents and in-laws regarding your child. Occasional money the grandparents give to their grandchildren are OK, especially, if they don't see each other very often. Even sweets and snacks won't make anything bad, if the grandparents totally agree on your dietary rules.



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