10 Things You Have to Know About Dating a Single Mom

10 Things You Have to Know About Dating a Single MomRelationship with a single mom is nothing like a relationship with a woman who has no children. You two have different points of view, but it shouldn't make you avoid any relations with a single mother. So if it happened, here are 10 things you should know before dating a single mom.

#1 Don't ask her dumb questions on the first date. There are many questions that a single mom will find dumb, for example, if she ever considered abortion. By the way, this question many moms hear all the time, that's why you'd better not to ask it.

#2 Forget about scheduling. Be ready that your date will have to leave or cancel the plans at the last minute. Also be ready that she calls you in the mid of the day and ask you to come, because she has some free time or needs your help. Being a single mom and having a schedule don't go along well.

#3 Forget about sleeping in. Until her child isn't old enough to make cereals for breakfast and turn on TV to watch cartoons, there is no such thing as sleep in. If you really want to please your date, then let her sleep in the morning while you prepare breakfast.

#4 Remember about her ex. Get used to see her ex, the father of the child. He will be a part of her life for the next 18 years or so. Be cool, whether she gets along great with him or not. Listen to her when she complains about the ex and don't talk about him badly in front of the child.

#5 Be patient with your date. Single mothers often torn themselves between two identities – a single woman and a loving mother. The way your date behaves herself depends on how long she's been a mother. Seasoned mothers know that they can spend more time for themselves and feel more relaxed. But women who became mothers relatively recently learn how to balance their single life with a full-time job of a single mom.

#6 The only game she wants to play is a table game of her child. Forget about any kind of games and don't make her wait till your phone call. If you disappear for some time and then appear again, she will decide that you're more trouble than you're worth. So throw away your usual dating games and play only the ones that she bought for her kid.

#7 Help her around the house. When you're alone, then the choice of the restaurant really matters. But single moms more appreciate what men do to help them, rather then how expensive their dinner was. If you want some extra points, then help her even if it's late in the night.

#8 Time with you is golden. Time a single mom spends with you is equal to time spent without the kid. And it's golden. So don't waste it and make sure that the date with you is really worth it. It doesn't mean that it has to be something super romantic or adventurous all the time. Just remember, that she has to find a babysitter any time she wants to spend with you, and the clock is ticking for her. But at the same time this date is like a mini vacation.

#9 Your relationship won't be the same like others people's. Couples that start dating often have common hobbies or travel a lot. But having a child changes everything. You don't have time to make love, cuddle and sleep next to each other whenever you want to. But the way hobbies bond two people, relationship with her child bond you and your date.

#10 She appreciates presents, unless it's a puppy. Your date is also a woman and she loves when you give her as much attention as possible and make different romantic presents. But giving her a puppy (what could please her child more?) is a bad idea, unless you want to become The Best Boyfriend My Mom Has Ever Had.



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