Things You Have to Know About Dating a Highly Sensitive Person

Things You Have to Know About Dating a Highly Sensitive PersonHighly sensitive people are always among us. Look around and you will spot a girl crying over a hurt bird, or a mom cuddling her baby. About 20% of all people are highly sensitive persons and every day they interact with people, who don't show their emotions. If your partner is one of them, then you have to known these things about dating a highly sensitive person.

Highly sensitive persons are very intuitive, they feel your slightest vibes and have an instant reaction to your mood. You may think that there's no difference between responses “I'm fine!” and “I'm fine”, but a highly sensitive person does! Your sensitive partner will understand your mood only by the way you tell one sentence and will make a decision whether to leave you alone for a while or to stay with you because you might need some help or support.

Highly sensitive persons can't help keeping their emotions. They live with them and happy with it. Yes, you may notice that your partner cries too often, but it's not because you upset them. It's just because an emotion that needs to be expressed this way. Just let you partner cry a bit and everything will be fine.

Highly sensitive people are likely to respond positive experience rather that negative one. For you it means that if you two have an argument, then you can reach a solution only by supportive interaction, rather than aggression. Not a single sensitive person likes conflicts, because they are particularly uncomfortable. Whenever they are in a conflict, they are torn between speaking up for their emotions, or keeping silence because they don't want a violent reaction.

Emotions is a real stimulation for a highly sensitive person. If this person is interested in something, then it's just because they feel something towards this action, thing or person. The emotions are very different – curiosity, anger, fear, love, but they definitely have to be!

Highly emotional people get bored very easily, and their partners have to understand it. If your relations lack of some meaningful interactions, then your partner is going to create some more stimulating conversations. Don't avoid them, it's totally unnecessary!

Highly emotional folks usually avoid over-stimulation and appreciate, if they have some downtime. Next time if you plan something exciting, make sure that you both have time just to relax. Your sensitive partner will appreciate the time spent together rather then activity with you.

Partner's needs are always primary for highly sensitive folks. They don't think about themselves, but about their partners and what they need or want. We must say, it's great for you, because when your partner makes you happy, they are happy too!

Being a highly sensitive person is not so terrible, as you may think. Just enjoy your time with your partner and be happy. Your partner will always understand you and will try to avoid conflicts with you to keep your relations safe and strong.



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