10 Best Ideas for the Second Date

10 Best Ideas for the Second DateThe first date is always self-explanatory, but the second date is really trickier to plan. No matter who you are, a boy or a girl, you will need some ideas to get inspired, especially, if your first date was really awesome. Our ideas for the second date won't let your mate get bored.

Idea # 1: reenactment. You (or your date) may find it boring to go to a museum or an exhibition, but reenactments are always impressive. Only imagine, how tens of people in middle-age costumes hoist muskets and armor in order to recreate great battles of the past. By the way, reenactments are not only fun, they are also educational.

Idea #2: go to a theme park. If you're still a bit nervous about your date and afraid that your conversation might fail after all, hit a theme park. Here you can relax and enjoy a great time spent together. Have a ride on the bumper cars and you will laugh your heads off.

Idea #3: watch the sunset together. This is a romantic idea for two of you. Go to some quiet place (a beach or a hill) and wait till the sunset. If you want your date to be unique, then watch the sunrise together. Staying up all night long or waking up when it's still dark to do something unique together will make you closer to each other.

Idea #4: cook at home. You might want to ask your date at your place, but instead of watching a film where no one will be able to say a single word during the next two hours, suggest cooking. You both will spend a great time at your kitchen and will have a great conversation.

Idea #5: listen to the music. This is a perfect idea for music lovers. Start you date by eating out and then make your way to the concert venue. No matter what kind of music you will be listening to, you two will have the sense of togetherness.

Idea #6: have a picnic. Having a picnic is rather a simple idea, but you can make your date creative and fun. Take a blanket and a basket with food and don't forget about a board game (or whatever else you like). Spending time outside will help you relax and it's also a great way to know each other better.

Idea #7: go riding horses. This is one more romantic idea of the second date for the animal lovers. There is nothing more exciting than riding a horse. Feel the strength and speed of this animal. You both will be impressed and something to talk about.

Idea #8: visit your local botanical garden. Botanical gardens are mostly quiet places to roam around. Find a place under a huge tree and share your stories from childhood.

Idea #9: go bowling. It's hard to find anyone who wouldn't like bowling. Show your skills and your backswing position to your date!

Idea #10: go boating. There is a number of ideas for your second date considering boating. You can push off in a dinghy, rent a paddleboat in a park or set sail off your closest coast.



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