What Should You Do If Your Husband Is a Tyrant

What Should You Do If Your Husband Is a TyrantUnfortunately home tyranny is a very widespread phenomenon.

There are a lot of explanations of man's tyranny, but the search for psychological reasons for this phenomenon can hardly change the situation. But woman's correct pattern of behavior will give the chance for family happiness.

How to Behave Towards a Tyrant?

First and foremost, one should not take man's insults too hard or believe that they are true, because it is what a man is striving for. Don't blame yourself for marrying a tyrant, because they can court a woman skillfully during the early stages of dating. And women, head over heels in love, don't notice their beloved's bad qualities. But as soon as you have got married, your husband shows his real face. It is very important for you not to panic or sit back, but do something.

The first strategy is not to worry. Ignore your husband's outbursts. When he shouts, don't raise your voice. If he doesn't like your soup, suggest him cooking a meal together to know what he likes. If he forbids you to meet with your girlfriends, explain that this is ridiculous and suggest that your friends come over.

The key point in this strategy is not to dance after his pipe. Explain your actions and do not shout.

The advantage of this strategy is that your husband will understand that his wife is a very good woman indeed. Besides, not only a bad example is catching. So is a good one.

The disadvantage of the strategy is that only strong and self-controlled people can be calm when someone insults them. So, you should go to the gym, take up boxing or any extreme sport to blow off some steam.

The second strategy is to respond forcefully. If you don't want to put up with your husband's violent behavior, your strike back. If he shouts, your shout stronger. If he doesn't like your soup, you throw it out. You go out with your friends in spite of his prohibition.

The key point in the strategy is to be a worthy rival who won't let herself be insulted.

The advantage of the strategy is that when you use your husband's behavior pattern you give him an opportunity to look at himself. Sooner or later he will understand his mistakes and realize that his wife is a strong and self-confident person.

The disadvantages of the strategy are constant brawls and scandals. You should be ready that your hearth will become a battlefield. If you use this strategy attend a yoga studio, a swimming pool or an art class to have a rest and relax.