How to Deal With Annoying Little Brother

How to Deal With Annoying Little BrotherHaving a little brother is very fun and you really love him, but sometimes he drives you nuts and you would give anything for several quiet hours. Well, here are some tips for you on how to deal with your annoying little brother.

Little brothers can be a real pain in ass. You want to stay in your bedroom with your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend, or just alone to work at the computer. And here comes your little brother and starts bugging you. Is this situation familiar to you? We bet, yes, and it drives you nuts.

Try to understand why your little brother behaves this way. You may think that it's just because he's impolite, never listens to you, and can't help sticking his nose into your life. That's not truth. The reason is that your brother wants your attention. Actually, all children behave like that, and your parents might understand it, but you don't.

Now you know what your brother wants from you, so let's proceed to the ways how you can deal with him. First, you can ignore your brother. Ignoring doesn't mean putting your hands over your ears and shouting “la-la-la”. Your negative reaction is also attention, well, kind of. That's why ignoring your brother means that you don't look, listen or respond whatever your brother does in your room. Soon he will be bored and leave you alone. However, till that time you may be really pissed off.

Try to make a deal. Since he wants your attention and you can't play with your brother for now, try to make a deal. You have your time now and later you do whatever your brother wants.

Involve your parents. Parents can always help you, but you have to point out what actually your little brother does that annoys you. For instance, if your brother always messes with your stuff, then ask your parents to make sure that your bedroom door is locked when you're out.

There is also another way to involve your parents and make sure that your brother never bothers you. You have to make a contracted deal. For instance, you do some kind of favor for your brother, that he really appreciates, and in turn you ask him to stay out of your bedroom forever. Make sure that one of your parents (or may be both of them) are present to seal the deal.

No matter which way you use, you don't get to the core of the problem. Your little brother wants your attention and to spend more time with you. He annoys you out of real love to you. Just try to spend more time with your brother, play games with him and take for walks. It will make you closer to each other. At some point you might change your attitude to your brother and he will become easier to get along with.



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