How to Deal With Annoying Relatives

How to Deal With Annoying RelativesBeing relatives doesn't mean that you automatically get well along with all your uncles, aunts, grannies, granddads, sisters, brothers and even father and mother. Some of them may be very annoying, that's why every your or their visit becomes a nightmare. We will help you learn how to deal with annoying relatives to keep your mind calm and stressless.

You known that every conversation with your annoying family members makes you mad. You can't change people, but you can deal with the whole situation and make the visits less stressful for you. Before they start a conversation with you, keep in mind that sooner or later it will finish. This will help you feel more relaxed and keep your emotions under control.

During the conversation with your annoying relatives don't try to make them feel as bad as you do. This will make the situation even worse. So no matter how much you’re annoyed, you have no right to do the same to your relatives. Instead of this before you answer their questions take two deep breathes to minimize stress in your mind, and then answer what you wanted to tell. If your family is asking you for something, try to postpone the thing annoying you for later. At this time your brain will get ready to deal with people annoying you. And maybe during this time your relatives will forget what they were asking about.

Unfortunately, this technique doesn't work all the time. There's always somebody, who just won't let you drop off the matter. They will keep bugging you till you break out. Here you have to face inevitable – a conversation with them. In this case you may use a defensive technique, that will help you make your relatives to be a stressed party.

Whenever your annoying relative asks you some awkward question, just answer it with your own question. For example, “What do you think I'll say?” or “How would you feel if I'd ask you the same?”. If it won't force your relative to answer their own question, then at least give you a hint what they want to hear from you.

Sometimes people annoy with questions just because they want to hear themselves talk. In this case your relative's intention is to express his or her own thoughts over the issue. Unfortunately, you can't escape the conversation, but you can make your relative talk, and everything you need to do is nod politely and put your “Aha”, “That's right”, “Really?”, “No way!” to keep the conversation rolling. All you have to do is answer the annoying question with an answer, that gives an information about others rather then about you. It's predictable, that your relative will start expressing his or her own point of view on this matter. And here you're free from answering questions!

You can get rid of an annoying family member by sending them for something or escaping by yourself. It works, when you're helping in the kitchen. Ask the family member you want to get rid of to bring something from a storage. After their coming back the mood and situation will be changed. You can also ask them if they are thirsty or hungry to change the theme of conversation. This escaping mechanism is very simple, but it really works.



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