So Your Father Is Dating a Younger Woman

So Your Father Is Dating a Younger WomanWhen your parents begin dating other people after getting divorced, things might get awkward for you. Especially if your father decided to date a woman about your age. How do deal with this uncomfortable situation? What should you do if your father is dating a younger woman?

Some say that a streak of gray brings and old boy to his spring day. For most middle-aged men, dating women young enough to be their daughters is just a phase. However, you should not exclude the possibility of true love. Be that as it may, you should know how to act around your father's young sweetheart.

Don't get creeped out. Of course, it is really weird when your father's new girlfriend is your age or even younger than you. He is old enough to be her father, what the hell? A lot of issues will inevitably come up, but you will have to deal with them. Get over the initial shock and start thinking rationally.

Have a heart-to-heart with your father. If you and your father are close, a serious adult conversation will help resolve at least some issues. Let your father know how you feel. Tell him that you are happy for him but still have some concerns. Try to be calm and as tactful as possible and don't impose your opinions. Your dad is a grown-up man capable of making his own decisions.

Get to know her. Maybe the problem is not the girl herself, but what she represents. If you get to know her better, she might turn out a really great person. You may even become friends. But if it is not the case, you will at least know who you are dealing with.

Establish your boundaries. If you feel uncomfortable when she starts acting like your step mother or your BFF, you need to let her and your father know. Don't let your dad force a relationship between you and her if you don't want it. You should also let your father know when he makes you feel uncomfortable by encroaching into your generation.

Don't let her cut you off from your dad. Some young girls want to date older man, but they don't what to know about their past and deal with their children. If you see your father less because of his new girlfriend, let him know that you miss him and want to spend time with him. You are still his family.

Be mature about this. OK, so you think this woman (girl!) is not mature enough to date your father. But if their relationship freaks you out so much and makes you act childish, you are not mature enough to have an opinion on the matter. You need to accept that this is who your dad is and you have no right to judge him. Be supportive but don't let him put you in uncomfortable situations on a regular basis.



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