How to Organize a Family Reunion

How to Organize a Family ReunionFamily reunions don't come often, and they have to be properly organized. In order to avoid a disastrous reunion that neither you, nor anyone else will never forget, look at these tips on how to organize a family reunion.

Begin planning of the reunion about a year ahead. Remember, that families with school-age children need to confirm the plans with schooling schedule, that's why you'd better choose summer holidays.

Make a list of your family members you invite. Ideally it should be everyone, however, you may choose only your closest relatives: parents, brothers and sisters. But you never know how it all end up. May be the second cousin you'll meet for the first time will become the life of the party.

When the list of people you want to invite is ready, you have to determine the interest of your family members. About 6 months before the date of the reunion send out a family poll. You get the idea how many people would attend the event and find out the most appropriate dates.

Family reunion may last as long as you want to, it totally depends on money every family can spend and free time it has. It also depends on your accommodation facilities. The smaller your house, the less time you have to spend sharing it with other members of your family.

4 months before the reunion send official invitations. Together with the invitations, send the request for every point person from each family who can help you in organizing the event. These are going to be people you always can rely on.

Since you've decided to organize a family reunion, you are totally responsible for entertainment. Think about the places you can go to and how you will spend this time.

Every family invests for the reunion, and the money will be used for food, entertainment and excursions. Don't forget to remind about it to every family before they come to you.

Now it's time to think about the style of the family reunion. A home-hosted affair is ideal for small groups with elderly relatives. You invite other members of your family to your house and spend time together. Make sure that you have enough of time to mark some places you'd like to go during the reunion.

A cruise family reunion will be perfect for those people who hate planning the events and taking responsibilities. Every family that agrees to come pays up for everything that is connected with the cruise – food, drinks, child care, lodging. Remember, that cruise is expensive, and not every family can afford it.

Are you looking for something less expensive? Then think about outdoors reunion at national park or camping. You have to make reservations 6 months in advance, so you need start the planning as early as possible. Staying at camp is fun for kids and adults, who can enjoy different activates. Don't forget to pack some board games for the days with nasty weather. Considering organizing meals, every family has to participate, whether they cook over the campfire or bring a takeout food from the nearest place.



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