What to Do If Your Husband Is Friends With Other Woman?

What to Do If Your Husband Is Friends With Other Woman?It's natural to have friends during the live and sometimes they can be of an opposite sex. While you're unmarried you think that you're OK with other women who are friends with your groom. But what to do if your husband became friends with other woman? Is it safe for your relations and family or do you have to take some actions right now?

When Friendship Is Just Friendship

Friendship is always good, because it's what everyone needs. But innocent friendship with the opposite sex can lead to flirtation and that's the slippery slope. However, your marriage will be safe if you and your husband are very close to each other, your intimate life hasn't changed and you're both happy with what you have. Just relax and change your mind about other women in your husband's life. Here are 3 simple rules for you.

Rule #1: no double standards. After marriage your husband can't stop interacting with other women, as well as you can't avoid other men in your life. It's OK for your husband to talk to other women and it works the same way for you.

Rule #2: agree on appropriate boundaries. You limit the kind of talks with other men and make sure that your husband does the same. Any relations are fueled or started when a man and a woman start talking about their private lives. Talking about more general themes, like work, weather, news etc, will make sure that new relations are not growing between your husband and his friend.

Rule #3: trust each other completely. You don't have to get worried about your husband's friendship with other women, if you trust your spouse. Also try to become friends with your husband's friends to make sure that there's nothing to be afraid of.

When Friendship Is Something Bigger

What can you do if you feel like your husband's friendship is much more than it should be? Then your marriage is really in danger and only you can change this situation. First of all stop blaming this woman for what happens between two of you. It's not her fault that she appeared in life of your husband and became more interesting and attractive to him than you do. It's only your fault and you have to change yourself.

Think why has your husband lost interest in you? Did you become a “desperate housewife”? Or may be you pay all your attention to children and forget about the needs of your husband? Did you become boring for him? Change yourself and your relations will flare again. Remind your husband what made him fall in love with you and marry you.

If it doesn't work and you feel like your relations are slowly collapsing, then it's time to accept it and change your life. Arguments and threats about the divorce won't help you, but only estrange your husband from you even more. It's time for you to make a decision: whether you're leaving now or you're watching how another woman takes your place. If you choose to leave, then make sure that you have relatives and friends to count on. Make a little surprise for your husband and begin your new life.



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