How to Save on Wedding Flowers

How to Save on Wedding FlowersWeddings are for flowers, but don't get too crazy about it. Think about your budget and the prices for floral decorations. Here are several tips on how to save on wedding flowers for you to use.

Don't count out some flowers. Many people find carnations rather boring and simple and count them out from the floral decoration of the wedding. However, you never know how your florist can use the flowers, may be you will be really surprised with the look of the wedding decoration with the flowers you didn't want to use at all. By the way, you may go for the cheapest flowers, like dahlia, cosmos, daisy and chrysanthemum and have a nice look.

Use local and seasonal flowers. Tulips from Holland are never cheap, as well as peonies in winter. Use only seasonal and local flowers and your won't go broke! Roses, calla lilies and orchids are available all year long.

Think about expensive blooms. Orchids and peonies are rather expensive, but they look much better than roses. And since they have bigger blooms, you won't need too many flowers for decoration. Include some special flowers to make accent on and use less of other flowers. This way you may have a special look and you won't go out of your budget limits.

Buy a bulk. Don't try to make your wedding look like a blooming summer field and use only two kinds of flowers for wedding decoration. If you buy flowers in a bulk, it will be cheaper for you. By the way, the florist will have less work and this will also can save you a lot.

Use greenery. Greenery is very cheap and you can use it in any arrangement, if possible. Lush green leaves will help fill any arrangement with a style.

Opt for silk flowers. Silk flowers are less expensive than usual ones. We don't say that you have to use silk flowers everywhere, but you could definitely add them to your arrangements here and there. Your bridal bouquet could be made of silk flowers and this would save you lots of money!

Find a good florist. Fancy florists draw your attention, but in fact they have the same skills as flower folks in small stores. By the way, they all have flowers from one supplier. So look for simple florists and you will get lower flower costs.

Create your own arrangements. The work of a florist is very hard, but it doesn't mean that you can't try your hand in it. Ask your bridesmaids to help you and create some arrangements on your own. By the way, practice before your wedding to make sure that your decoration won't be a disaster.

Use less flowers and more decorative pieces. You will throw away your flowers after the weeding, while many decorative pieces can be reused on any occasion. So think about buying some candles and vases, that look great and romantic. This way you save on flowers and still have a great look of your wedding.



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