8 Speed Dating Don'ts

8 Speed Dating Don'tsOnce you've graduated from college, meeting new people becomes harder, especially if you are not exactly an outgoing person. But if you want to date, you need to put yourself out there. One of the ways to meet new people is speed dating. If you want to try it, you need to be aware about the most important speed dating don'ts.

Don't ask typical questions. During a speed dating night, each participant meets an average of 20 to 30 people. Most of them ask the same boring questions and are hard to remember afterwards. So don't ask people what they do for a living and what hobbies they have. Ask something unexpected, but not too personal.

Don't ask questions you wouldn't want to answer. Everyone has their own comfort zone, so it is hard to predict whether the person you are talking to will be comfortable answering some of your questions. You will have to judge others by yourself. Don't ask them to tell you things you wouldn't be comfortable telling them.

Don't ramble. Speed dating conversations are short, and you would want to tell as much about yourself as possible. But nervous rambling never leaves a good impression. You don't need to give them all your history. You need to leave a positive impression and make them want to talk to you again.

Don't talk about yourself all the time. Sure, people need to get to know you, but you need to get to know them as well. If you spend the entire five minutes talking about yourself, you will come across as a self-absorbed jerk.

Don't talk about things you wouldn't talk about on a regular first date. Here's a brief list of topics to avoid: your exes, your pet peeves, your personal drama, money, sex, marriage and kids, any controversial topic (from religion and politics to gay marriages and immigration).

Don't drink too much. You can have a drink to feel more relaxed, but don't go overboard. Having too much to drink will certainly not help you make a good impression. You will be remembered, that's for sure, but it won't get you an actual date.

Don't expect too much. There is no guarantee that you will meet the love of your life at the event or at least someone you want to go out on a date with. Don't get your hopes up too high in order not to be disappointed afterwards. Just try to relax and have fun. If you are lucky, you will at least have a couple of entertaining stories to tell your friends.

Don't overanalyze. If your first attempt at speed dating was not so successful as you would like, don't overanalyze it to death. You were probably nervous, and it's perfectly normal. Try to give speed dating another try. If you still find it more stressful than entertaining, think about other ways of meeting new people. Maybe online dating or finding a hobby that allows you to meet people is what you need.



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