6 Things to Know About Dating a Hipster

6 Things to Know About Dating a HipsterThe hipster subculture probably is one of the greatest modern controversies: hipsters hate everything mainstream, yet they've managed to become mainstream. The concentration of non-conformists who like everything indie is so high that you might end up dating one. What should you know about dating a hipster?

Forget about Starbucks. Hipsters hate large coffeehouse chains (and corporations in general) and absolutely love small coffee shops that are hard to find for a mundane person but attract the hipster crowd. Maybe you will be able to sneak into Starbucks in the morning before work, but all your dates will be in hip coffee shops.

Be ready to share your clothes. Fashion has no gender, so don't be surprised when your boyfriend wants to borrow your skinny jeans, oversized sweater or printed T-shirt. And you will probably discover that he looks in it better than you do. You must also be ready to get dragged into thrift shops and pop-up stores, because that's where they find the coolest clothes.

Beard is important. Not all hipsters have a beard, but if your new boyfriend has one, don't even think about asking him to get rid of it. If you like him, you must like his beard. If you try to make him choose between you and his beard, be ready to pack up and leave because beard is important. If you stay, be ready to learn a lot about beards; bet you didn't know there is so much to learn!

Glasses and scarves are cool. He will wear glasses even though he has perfect vision and put on his scarf even though it is 100 degrees outside. He might ditch his scarf in favor of a fancy bow tie, but this only proves that accessories are important. And don't try to make the Eleventh Doctor jokes, we are not sure he will get the reference.

Don't even mention Top 40 and blockbusters. Hipsters are all about indie music and movies. You will listen to non-mainstream bands unattached to major record labels and watch movies you have never heard of. If you want to see the new Marvel movie, you'd better go to the cinema with someone else. And don't let your boyfriend know you've been to the new Marvel movie.

He is a person just like everybody else. Not every hipster is a walking stereotype. If your boyfriend is smart, funny, and caring, does it really matter that he prefers his vintage record player to an iPod and knows what quinoa is (and how to cook it)? He will surely broaden your horizons and help you learn new things. And if things don't work out... well, this happens all the time. Just check “date a hipster” off your bucket list and move on.