Post-First Date Etiquette

Post-First Date EtiquetteIf your first date wasn't a disaster and sparks flew, you'll definitely want to meet the person once again. But you don't want to seem too eager because it might scare them away. How to act after the first date? How long should you wait before contacting the person? Should you text or call? Here are some tips concerning post-first date etiquette.

It is generally a good idea to send a “thank you” text right after the date, especially when the date was enjoyable and you are interested in having another one. However, if you are not sure you want to go out again, a post-date text might give your date false hope.

Even if your first date seemed perfect, you need to wait for a bit before arranging a second one. If in several hours you still feel the date was great, you definitely should go out with the person again. If you have any doubt, do not rush to contact them. Wait for them to text or call you first and then decide whether it is worth agreeing to another date.

How long should you wait before contacting the person first? There are various opinions on the matter, ranging from several hours to several days. According to statistics, most daters get in touch within approximately 36 hours after the gate, so let's go with this number.

If you decided to contact them first, be prepared for rejection. Sometimes it turns out that the other person didn't enjoy the date as much as you did. Or they have realized they never fully got over their ex. The probability is small, but it still exists, so you need to be ready to any outcome. However your conversation goes, be polite and friendly.

The best way to contact someone after the first date is to text them. Keep your tone light, say something along the lines of: “I had a really great time, I can't wait to see you again.” Don't come on too strong. You should let them know you like them and want to go to another date with them, but you mustn't make them feel pressured.

Texting is a good way to start a post-first date conversation, but it may be not the best way to make plans. Sometimes it is more efficient to discuss your date plans over the phone, especially if you are not sure what you want to do. However, if you both are comfortable with making plans via text, do it.

Remember that sometimes it takes people time to answer a text. Don't bombard the person with messages, you will come across as needy and clingy. They will answer you when they can. And if they never do, it's their loss.

Is it a good idea to play hard to get after the first date? Well, this depends on the situation and the person. We have a whole article dedicated to this topic, you should check it out and then decide whether playing hard to get is an acceptable strategy in your case.



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