Is There Such a Thing as Groomzilla?

Is There Such a Thing as Groomzilla?You've surely heard about bridezillas. The term “bridezilla” refers to a bride-to-be who gets too obsessed with her wedding plans and becomes unreasonably demanding and self-involved. Can grooms go nuts because of the approaching wedding, too? Is there such a thing as groomzilla?

There is a common misconception that all women want their big day to be perfect, and their fiancés just tag along, not wanting to make any decisions. Some men really are like that, but definitely not all of them. Most grooms do have opinions about their wedding. And if they are passionate about their opinions, they might become groomzillas. How to tell if your fiancé is turning into one?

He wants your wedding to be picture perfect. Both bridezillas and groomzillas are perfectionists. They need everything to go without a hitch. The problem is that nothing is perfect and it's impossible to always be in control. Something will inevitably go wrong. Unfortunately, groomzillas don't realize this.

He won't compromise. As soon as he has made up his mind about something, he will never back down. What he wants, he gets, however unreasonable his desires may be. He might even realize that his demands are absurd, he just doesn't care.

He demands groom-centric activities before and during the wedding. Why do brides get both a bridal shower and bachelorette party and grooms get only one pre-wedding party? Men want gifts, too. A groomzilla might demand not only a “groom shower”, but also “manly” activities during the reception, such as whiskey tasting.

He gets obsessed with money. In this case, there are two possible scenarios. Some groomzillas are ready to spend tons of money to make their wedding perfect. They don't care about the budget; they get the things they want regardless of their cost. Some groomzillas, on the contrary, turn extremely stingy. They try to save on everything yet still want their wedding to be perfect.

How to deal with a groomzilla? First of all, remind him what your wedding is about. It is not just an occasion to throw a big party. It is the day when your celebrate your love and commitment, when you start a new life as a family. Tell him you're in this together, and your opinions matter, too. Convince him to share some of responsibilities with you and the wedding party.

When you are absolutely sure he's got your point, distract him from the wedding plans. Sometimes couples get so caught up in preparing for their wedding that they forget to find time for each other. When is the last time you had a date night? Take your fiancé out on a date or just stay in, order takeout and watch a movie. And no wedding talk!



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