6 Things to Remember If You Are Friends With an Extrovert

6 Things to Remember If You Are Friends With an ExtrovertSome introverts think that extroverts are loud and obnoxious. They like to take the spotlight and can't spend a minute alone. It's true to some extent, but not all extroverts are the same. They can be shy, they might need some alone time. However, there are some things most extroverts have in common. What should you know if you are friends with an extrovert?

They thrive on socializing. Most introverts find socializing tiring, whereas extroverts need it like flowers need water. They are stimulated by their environment, they feel most comfortable when surrounded by people, they are excited to meet new people. However, they are not self-centered or attention hogs (and if they are, it is most likely not an extrovert thing, it is just a “they” thing). They genuinely like people.

They can listen. Although extroverts like to talk, this doesn't mean they don't want to hear what you have to say. It is just that most of them don't deal with pauses in conversation the same way introverts do. Introverts typically need to take a moment to think before responding, so they are used to looking for nonverbal clues that tell them whether a person is done talking. Most extroverted people take pauses in conversation as a signal that the other person is done with their point, so they start talking.

They can get shy. Extroverts generally get shy and insecure when they feel intimidated by someone who can steal their spotlight. They feel uncomfortable meeting people who are smarter, more attractive or better than them in some area. When they don' feel like fighting for the spotlight, they will tone it down for a bit. And that's a good thing, because when two extroverts are trying to outdo one another, things can get ugly.

They need less alone time. Introverts generally need alone time to recharge because intense communication exhausts them. Extroverts need alone time as well, but they can't stand doing things alone for long. Introverts need introspection, extroverts can get freaked out by it. For them, time spent with people is more important than time spent alone.

They can't read minds. Most misunderstanding between introverts and extroverts happen because introverts are too shy to say something and extroverts are used to speaking their minds. For example, when introverts need alone time, they sometimes forget to explain it to their extrovert friends. Extroverts take it personally and get offended, feeling like they've done something wrong. So if you need to keep your distance for a while, make sure your extrovert friend knows it is not about them.

They are more than just a label. Being an extrovert is not what defines a person. Our personality is very complex, and we are so much more than walking stereotypes. Knowing that your friend is an extrovert can help you understand them better, but you must constantly remember that each person is unique.



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