Best Ways to Say “I Love You” For the First Time

Best Ways to Say “I Love You” For the First TimeIt's so natural let your beloved person know about your feelings. But it's so hard to say “I love you” for the first time. It takes away your breath and you want to say it... We're sure you both want to remember this second for the rest of your life, and here are best ways to say “I love you” for the first time.

Saying “I love you” comes in different circumstances for each couple, but there is one thing in common: one has to make this step first. Usually men take this initiative, but women are also welcomed to be first ones. No matter who's the first, but you words have to be sincere. So if you want to let your partner know about your feelings, just do it. And we will help you with the ideas about the circumstances.

# 1 Old school. Writing letters is out-of-date, however, it's still so romantic to express your feelings via written words. Don't use e-mail or text-message, paper and pen are preferable. Think what you want to write and do it. It might be a long letter or our three sacred words. No matter what you choose, make sure that you're here when your beloved person reads the letter. Saying it aloud won't make it worse.

#2 Whispering. You need to choose a quiet moment, when you and your partner lie down and enjoy the presence of each other. No matter what you do – look at the stars or just stare at the ceiling – you need to be relaxed. Stroke you partner's hair and then gently whisper “I love you”.

#3 Romantic dinner. Men and women love, when their partners cook for them. Make a delicious dinner, light candles, keep roses in a vase and play romantic music. Doing this already expresses your feelings to your partner, but don't leave it like this. After the dessert you may say “I love you” for the first time.

#4 Sandy beach. Here is one more romantic idea for you: take your partner out to a beach. Make it surprise and enjoy sun, water and sand for a weekend. The best time to say “I love you” is during the sunset, when you watch the sun going down the line of water horizon. You can also write it on the sand and let your partner read your message.

#5 Creativity. If you're bored of romance and want something special, then sky is the limit for you. Think up something – buy an ad space in a newspaper or magazine to print your message there, write “I love you” on a paper strip and put into a fortune cookie or order a pizza and ask the place to write the message over melted cheese.

#6 Flower trails. Roses are always a great gift, but now you have to make sure, that you use them right. Make a trail of flower petals leading to the front door, then to any room where you prepare something special for your partner. And then you know what to do.



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