9 Signs That You Might Be a Genius

9 Signs That You Might Be a GeniusEveryone is special, even if you don't think this way. And you may be highly intelligent, but you just don't understand that. Check out these signs that you might be a genius and find out more about you. May be, you're the next Thomas Edison or Vincent van Gogh!

Being a genius doesn't mean that you have to be intellectually superior. It's all about being a person of high intelligence and having certain traits, habits and behaviors that are common for those who are really geniuses. So, if you have any of the following sign, your really might be a genius.

#1 You like activities that use your left and right brain. There are many activities, that involve left and right brain simultaneously, like writing. If you love crafting creative stories that are logical enough, you might be a genius.

#2 You like challenging your intellect. Logic, word and trivia games are known to test and train brain, and if you like them, then you have it in common with other intelligent people. Many geniuses love doing crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles rather then checking their Facebook pages.

#3 You love cats more then dogs. The choice of the pet also can be a sign of a genius. Cat lovers tend to be more introverted and open-minded, they are not likely to be conformists, and in general they are more intelligent than those to prefer dogs.

#4 You're scatterbrained. People who have too many thoughts in their heads have a hectic life. You forget where you've left your keys, cellphone and even whether you've locked the door. Working from nine till five is also very hard for you, because you have your own timescales to work. But, in fact, it can be the sign that you're a genius. Your brain can think about many things at one time and this way you constantly expand your horizons. You always look for something new, because you want to achieve more.

#5 You talk to yourself. No, you're not crazy, against the popular belief. In fact, the studies have shown that people who talk to themselves can be geniuses or at least highly intelligent. Talking to yourself just allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.

#6 You worry a lot. People who worry and overthink a lot are known to have good imagination. So, next time when you start to worry or overthink, harness your creativity.

#7 Your words and behavior contradict. You think one thing but then you act like you have the totally opposite thought. It looks like you might be an embodiment of multiple individuals. In fact, it's good, because you can see things from multiple points of view.

#8 You're good at many things. Some people choose only one industry and try to be best there, while you find it really boring. You want to know as much as possible from many industries, that's why people call you a jack of all trades.

#9 Your read a lot. Reading helps you escape this world and go to the place with dungeons, dragons and damsel in distress. On the other side, you also love reading biographies and skill books. If you love curling up with a book whenever you have a free minute, you're probably a genius.



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