5 Things You Need to Know About Underwater Wedding Ceremony

5 Things You Need to Know About Underwater Wedding CeremonyYou must have seen hundred of photos from underwater wedding ceremonies and think, that the couples who decided to do that are extremely adventurous or totally crazy, because they choose to get married in the ocean. And maybe, you’re a bit jealous, because you have a traditional wedding, when their ceremony is mind blowing. If you one of those adventurous couples and you want to have a unique wedding, you need to remember certain things about underwater wedding ceremony.

Underwater wedding ceremony is just like any usual wedding ceremony, but it’s underwater. It’s a perfect choice for any couples, who love surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving or just ocean, and who want have a real adventure instead of usual wedding. Although you might think that underwater weddings are rare, you’re wrong, because thousands of couples every year choose to wear masks and scuba units instead of traditional wedding outfits. And while underwater weddings are really exotic, they have certain peculiarities you need to remember about.

#1 You can talk underwater. The equipment used for underwater wedding is really different, from traditional masks to helmets. Wearing a traditional mask never gives you an opportunity to say your wedding vows, that in this case have to be written on diving slates, but you will be able to kiss after you’re pronounced the husband and wife. Helmets and full face masks are equipped with audio systems and com units, so you can easily breathe and talk underwater. Your partner, as well as your guests will hear what you’re saying.

#2 You can wear your gown for underwater wedding. Being underwater doesn’t mean that you miss the chance to wear your beautiful dress. Many brides do that in their dresses! However, it’s better to save that dress for the following ceremony, and dive into ocean in a traditional scuba suit (white for brides), or even in your usual bathing suit.

#3 You will have the second ceremony on the ground. Underwater weddings are not always legally recognized, that’s why you’re likely to have the second ceremony, that will be held on the beach in front of all your guests.

#4 You don’t need to take all your guests underwater. Your guests will be able to watch the underwater ceremony without diving with you, so don’t be afraid for your 85-year-old grandma. Your guests will be watching the ceremony on a live video feed from abroad the dive boat. By the way, since the boat isn’t too big, you will have to think, whom you will invite to your wedding.

#5 You can marry underwater in many locations. There are many beautiful places, where you can have underwater wedding ceremony, and you even don’t need to leave the USA! For instance, underwater wedding ceremonies can be held at Hawaii, Fort Lauderdale (FL), the USA. Also they are available at various destinations in Mexico. And if you’re a real adventurer, you can head to Bora Bora Lagoon in Polynesia, Bali, Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Mauritius, Cayman Islands, Thailand and Bahamas.



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