7 Don’ts of Planning Your Ideal Honeymoon

7 Don’ts of Planning Your Ideal HoneymoonYour honeymoon is going to be the most romantic trip of you life, that will be full of activities you’ll enjoy doing. However, it might turn out to be a bit different from what you’ve planned and actually expected it to be. Remember about these 7 don’ts of planning your honeymoon and it will be ideal.

#1 Don’t procrastinate. Yes, you’re very busy with planning your wedding, but don’t forget about the honeymoon. The ideal time to book it is about eight months prior, especially if you’re planning to go to a specialized resort.

#2 Don’t leave too soon after your wedding. You’ve seen it in romantic movies that couples head for the airport right after the end of the reception, but real life is a bit different. You will have a tiring day, and may be you won’t be able to wake up early in the morning to pack suitcases and go to the airport. And what if you’ve got hangover? Plan your trip the next Monday and even Tuesday after the Saturday wedding night.

#3 Don’t shortchange the honeymoon budget. You’re tight on budget, because your wedding reception turned out to be extra expensive, so you decide to shortchange the honeymoon budget. Listen to our advice and cut on your reception budget, rather then your honeymoon. The wedding ceremony lasts about 6 hours and your honeymoon lasts usually 10 up to 14 days, so you will remember the latter. And if you want to live in a suite with the ocean view and have money only for a three-star hotel, you will hate your honeymoon.

#4 Don’t choose someone else’s honeymoon. Planning everything is hard, and you might even think that it’s much better and easier to copy someone else’s honeymoon. The destination seems to be right, the hotel is nice and your friends or family enjoyed the stay. It’s totally wrong what you’re doing, because what’s good for someone doesn’t mean that it will be good for you. Your friends may enjoy spending all day long on a beach sunbathing and swimming, while you’d prefer some adventure. Consulting someone about their honeymoons is good, but it’s you who should tailor it.

#5 Don’t plan it on your own. Planning the honeymoon on your own means that the trip will be ideal for you only. And what about your partner? Will your spouse enjoy all the activities you’ve planned? Unless you have an uncommonly perceptive partner about your travel wishes and peeves, planning should be a joint effort.

#6 Don’t rely on Internet search. Google is good at telling you only about what you put into it, but you won’t be able to find real gems with it. Also Internet contains information that may be outdated or even fraud. So don’t consult Internet only and go to travel agent’s. The cost of your honeymoon won’t become too expensive, but you will be able to find the perfect destination, hotel and choose activities that you will enjoy the most. Good travel agents know what questions to ask and they come up with the best destinations.

#7 Don’t forget about mishaps. Be prepared to the fact that your honeymoon might be a bit different from what you’ve expected. Your room might look a bit different from what you’ve seen on the picture, or your might get sick. Although most hotels have doctors and the medicine is sold in the gift shops, don’t forget to pack some Imodium and Advil.



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