Bachelorette Pool Party Planning Basics

Bachelorette Pool Party Planning BasicsIt's time to throw the final bachelorette party before your dearest friend gets married. And since summer is always hot, there's nothing better than goofing around a pool, where you can swim all day long and sip your favorite cocktails in floats. This ultimate guide will help you throw a bachelorette pool party.

Rent the right place. If one of your friends can provide their house and the swimming pool for the bachelorette party, that's great, otherwise you will have to rent a hotel or a house. Do you homework well and find out everything about the place you're going to book. Hotels in such destinations as Miami and Las Vegas offer a club scene right at the pool, and that's not what you need. Instead of that check out resort destinations, that provide more relaxing places. Also you can rent a house with the pool, that will be really perfect for the bachelorette party.

Accessories. Different accessories will make your party perfect and fun. They will give it the silly touch, that you really need. Order bright custom beach towels with names of your friends who will be present at the party. Also you will need funny floats for the guests and drinks drifting atop the water. Choose any shape from flamingos, donuts, swans, popsicles and more!

Party favors. Make your party favors fun and themed. Fill small bags with floppy hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. Also you can give everyone a hangover kit or a wedding day essentials. Be creative about the package of the favors!

Food. Try to be creative about the food, so it will be tasty and light at the same time. Forget about meat, because girls love fruit, seafood and sweets! Think about fruit skewers, fruit cones, fruit pizza, cookies, and sandwiches. Frozen watermelon will be the best treat at the party. And if you want to make it really adult, make margarita popsicles and rum soaked fruit.

Cocktail bar. You will need different cocktails for the party, that's why stock the cocktail bar with favorite alcohols and don't forget about summery garnishes. The basics for your cocktail bar will be flavored vodka, rum and blue Curaçao. There also can be only one alcohol in your bar, and then you will need different juices and garnishes, like basil, mint, lemon, lime, strawberry, cucumber etc.

Games. Games and activities will make you gal pals remember the party forever. And since it's the last girl's party of the bride, make the games as naughty as you can. For instance, that can be condom slide. Give each contestant three condoms (in a wrap) of one color and tell them that they need to slide their condoms as close to the pool as they can. Whenever somebody hits the condom of the other player, she will have a drink. The winner will be the one whose condoms will be the closest to the pool.

Another game will involve penis-shaped toys, that are heavy enough not to float. Scatter the toys in the pool and ask every contestant to dive and to gather as many toys as she can before she comes up. Each girl will have only one chance to get the toys from the bottom. The winner will be the one who's got the most toys.



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