6 Tips to Find Yourself Again

6 Tips to Find Yourself AgainLife if full of different surprises, and yesterday you were content with what you had, but today you wake up and feel, that everything you’re doing is wrong. You’ve lost yourself in job, relationship or parenting and now you even don’t know what you’re living for. Don’t worry, you’re not alone here, because millions of people feel the same and try to find the meaning of life again. Here are our six tips that will help you to find yourself again.

#1 Accept that you’re lost. You believed that your goal was to finish college and become a lawyer or a sort of a government official, but everything you’re doing never fulfills you. It happens this way just because your goal was predetermined by your parents or society, but it’s really not your goal at all. When you accept this, you understand that you’re lost, and it’s the first step towards finding yourself.

#2 Explore your past. Ephemeral goals made you forget about who you are and what you really want. It’s time to discover yourself again by exploring your past. If you want to know who you really are, you need to know your own story. What hurt you or made you happy, what you enjoyed doing and never liked at all, what you wanted to be and why that didn’t happen. Exploring your own past is very important, because we never become what we are just because of the things that happened to us. We’re what we are because of the sense we’ve made of what’s happened to us. All unresolved traumas from your past influence your present life. And the more you understand your past life, the better you’re able to make mindful decisions about what you want from your present and future.

#3 Remember your dreams. Do you remember all your dreams you had before you lost yourself in the busyness of life? It’s time to grab a journal and reconnect with all your small and big dreams. Ask yourself, what you wanted to be and loved doing, what was your vision of your perfect world? Once you remember about them, you come up with new and bigger dreams, that are your desire and inspiration to act.

#4 Seek the meaning of your life. You can’t be satisfied with your life, when you have no meaning to live. Once you have your purpose, you can really find yourself. The researches show, that happy people have goals that extend beyond themselves.

#5 Don’t listen to your inner critic. Adults have one big problem, that is their inner critic. Children don’t criticize themselves and what they’re doing, but adults are prone to do that. Whatever you start doing, your inner critic says that it’s not good enough, you will fail and you’d better stick to things you know. This critical inner voice destroys your life, so silence it right now.

#6 Remember about your power to be and have everything you desire. You have enough of power to create and have everything you desire, you just need to enjoy the beauty of your life. You can use meditation, mantras, yoga or affirmations to focus on the beauty of your life. And once you do it, the Universe will send you back the same, including the answer to what you’re seeking.



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