How to Solve the Most Common Wedding Dress Disaster on the Big Day

How to Solve the Most Common Wedding Dress Disaster on the Big DayYou try to keep the best look of your wedding dress on the big day, but wrinkles, stains and tears seem to appear from nowhere. Don't let it spoil your mood and your best day in your life, and use our tips on how to solve the wedding dress disasters.

Red wine stains. Since red is very popular for weddings, you will inevitably come into contact with it. Little pink dots will be perfecter seen on your wedding dress, and if you want to remove them, then act very quick. Don't use any stain removal pens, because they can seriously damage the dress. Instead of it moisten a napkin in water or club soda and gently dab the stain. Don't rub, otherwise you will make the stain even bigger. After the area dries, use some chalk to cover the stain, that wasn't removed by water or club soda. After the wedding go to an experienced bridal dry cleaner as soon as possible. In case you can't remove the stain at all, then use any accessory or pin a flower to hide it.

Oily food and grease stains. You never known whether you drop a piece of cake on your gown or not. If it happens, again, don't rub. Just dust the stain with baby powder or salt. It will absorb the oil, and you will just need to brush it away. Wet a napkin with rubbing alcohol and dab the outer edges of stain to the middle to completely remove it.

Lipstick and make up stains. The make up stains are the hardest to deal, unfortunately. Use a stain removal wipe, always dabbing the stain. The remaining stain should be covered with chalk.

Broken straps and tears. Broken straps are very easy to fix. Make sure that one of your bridesmaids has an emergency kit with a needle and thread, that matches your wedding dress. Ask her to sew the strap back into its place. If you have no time for sewing, then use a safety pin to secure the strap. The rips and tears are fixed the same way. If the torn fabric of your dress is very thin, like organza, then it's best to use some glue. Try to hold your bouquet in a position that covers the damage, if it's still seen.

Broken zipper. Even zippers can break on the big day, especially, if you've gained a couple of pounds. If you need to fix the zipper, you can use only safety pins. They should be used to secure your dress from the inside, and only this way no body will notice, that the zip is broken. So make sure, that there are enough of pins in your wedding emergency kit.

Sticking zipper. While some zippers break, others stick and never move. Don't worry, you will go down the isle in your dress zipped. Just rub the teeth of the zipper with a bar soap or apply a bit of a candle wax to lubricate the zipper. You won't stain the dress at all.



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