5 Perks of Being the Oldest Child

5 Perks of Being the Oldest ChildBeing the eldest sibling isn’t always sunshine and rainbows: parents are stricter on you, you have to babysit your younger siblings, you’re supposed to set an example for them and to be the responsible one. But it has its benefits, too. Here are 5 perks of being the oldest child.

You’re the first. Why state the obvious, you might ask. Let us elaborate. Being the eldest sibling means that you’re the first to find out the truth about Santa, get a cell phone, be able to stay out late, learn to drive, drink alcohol, and other things like that. Your younger siblings have to wait a few more years till they’re allowed to do all the fun things. Besides, you have the first dibs on almost everything and everything you get is brand new – no hand-me-downs (unless you have older cousins, of course).

You’re the boss. Sometimes babysitting your younger siblings sucks, but look on the bright sight: when your parents aren’t home, you’re basically the unofficial third parent. You can boss your younger siblings around and they do as you say. You’re always the most responsible in your parents’ eyes even when it isn’t so. And whenever an argument or fight occurs, it is you who has the final say about what really happened.

Your siblings look up to you. Being the eldest child in the family means that no matter what you are like, your siblings think that you’re the coolest person ever (except for the periods when they hate you) and look up to you. They believe everything you say (and you’ve certainly used it to mess with them at least once) and you get to introduce them to all the cool stuff. More importantly, your opinions matter and your siblings come to you for advice and help when they can’t go to your parents.

You feel protective of your younger siblings. Younger siblings can be extremely annoying, but at the end of the day you love them and want them to be happy and unharmed. It feels great to protect them from bullies (no one is allowed to bully your siblings except you!). Standing up for your siblings makes you feel tough. A real badass. A bona fide superhero. Isn’t it cool?

You feel proud of your younger siblings. When your younger siblings grow up to be actually pretty cool, you feel proud because you’re one of those people who helped shape them. You set an example, you raised the bar, you gave them advice that they actually valued, you tried to force your interests upon them (and sometimes even succeeded). In return, they will always be there for you because they are your biggest fans.



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