7 Reasons to Elope

7 Reasons to ElopeNot all engaged couples dream of a traditional wedding. Planning a wedding is expensive and stressful, and many couples consider elopement as a valid option at some point, although not all of them actually follow through. Elopement does have its perks. Here are 7 reasons to elope rather than have a traditional wedding.

It will save you money. Elopement is generally less expensive than a traditional wedding so it can save you quite a lot of money that you can put to good use, for example, splurge on an unforgettable honeymoon or pay off the mortgage. This is especially true if it’s not your first marriage or if you’ve been living together for a long time.

It’s less stressful. Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful and turn even the nicest women and men into bridezillas and groomzillas. As a result, they are so tired and frustrated on their wedding day that they can’t enjoy it. If you get stressed easily, elopement may be the best option for you.

It’s romantic. This one doesn’t need explaining. Elopement allows you to focus on each other and your feelings. Besides, sharing a secret is so exciting, even if it isn’t going to be a secret for long.

It’s all about you. Your wedding day is supposed to be about you as a couple. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world where everything as it’s supposed to be. The problem with traditional weddings is that many guests think it’s actually about them. Your parents want everything to go off without a hitch, your bridesmaids are so overexcited they give you a headache, your guests want to be entertained… Elopement is a great way to make your wedding about you and the other person.

You belong to different religions/cultures Belonging to a different culture or religion than your partner adds additional pressure, because each of your families may expect you to have a traditional marriage ceremony. If you’re uncomfortable with having a religious ceremony and/or don’t want to deal with your parents and future in-laws, elope and have a civil wedding.

You can have a destination wedding. Say, you’ve always wanted to get married on an exotic beach. Or in Paris. Or anywhere else. But destination weddings are extremely expensive, you can’t just ask your friends and family to spend a good amount of money to attend your wedding and you can’t pay for them either. But if it’s just you and your husband/wife-to-be, you can go anywhere you want.

No guest list. Making up a guest list can be a nightmare. There always are relatives you don’t particularly want at your wedding, but you have to invite them because of reasons. And who do you choose as your maid of honor? Your childhood friend? Your college bestie? Your sister? If you elope, you don’t have to invite anyone at all (but you can still have family and closest friends there if you want).



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