6 Psychological Benefits of Staying Near Water

6 Psychological Benefits of Staying Near WaterWater has always been associated with healing and transformational properties. Oceans and seas are known to induce relaxation and meditative state, rivers are considered to be sacred and any water elements in general are crucial for balancing physical harmony. And since any water destinations are the most popular places in summer, don't miss a chance to stay near ocean or sea for as long as you can. Staying near water has many psychological benefits.

#1 Water makes you more creative. Creative people know, that the best ideas come to mind during the shower. But staying near any body of water naturally lets you switch off your brain and relax. Your mind is not flooded with million of thoughts and it functions in a relaxed mode. You're becoming more open and water you see and hear inspires you. As a result, you've got more creative thoughts.

#2 Water induces meditative state. The sound of water is much simpler and calmer, then that sound of voices or a city. Listening to such a simple sound puts us into a meditative state. Even observing water calms down and lowers depression and stress level.

#3 Water increases the benefits of exercise. Everyone knows that exercising is good for body and mind. Doing physical exercises helps relax and fight stress. You can increase the impact of exercising on your brain by jogging near water, rather than sweating out in a gym full of other people.

#4 Water relaxes your muscles and soothes nerves. Swimming in water is already good for your body, but exercising in pool is not the same as swimming in ocean or sea. Natural dips are very healthy and they can have different effects, that depend on the temperature of water. Colder water soothes nerves and refreshes your body mentally and physically, while warmer water relaxes muscles and tensions.

#5 Water makes you more connected. Strolls on a beach are so romantic, and it's the time when you feel connected with your second half. The magic is that water gives us the sense of awe, and it invokes our feelings of connection to something that is beyond ourselves. We just switch from “me” orientation to “us” orientation.

#6 Water makes you feel happy. People who live by the sea coast are happier than people who live inland. It's because water waves generate negative ions, that accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen and balance the level of serotonin, the hormone that affects our mood and stress. Staying near water makes you feel, that everything is just right. And you're really happy.



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