7 Alternatives to Dancing at a Wedding Reception

7 Alternatives to Dancing at a Wedding ReceptionA lot of people think that dancing is a must for a wedding reception. However, if dancing at your wedding doesn’t sound like fun to you, you don’t have to throw a dancing party after dinner. After all, it is your wedding, so it’s up to you to decide how you are going to entertain your guests. Here are 7 alternatives to dancing at a wedding reception.

#1 Games. If you’re going to have an outdoor reception or a beach wedding, you can keep your guests entertained with various lawn games like badminton, croquet, lawn bowling, giant Jenga, lawn twister, mini golf, cornhole, bocce, etc. Just make sure to warn your guests beforehand, so they can dress appropriately. If you’re having an indoor wedding, substitute lawn games with board games or party games.

#2 Karaoke. Karaoke can be a hilarious activity that will make your wedding really memorable. There will be at least several guests who love singing. The task of getting non-singing guests on board can be hard, but you can offer them to participate in a fun lip sync battle so that they won’t have to actually sing.

#3 Craft stations. If you have many pals who love crafts, then you will love this idea. All you need is to install several tables with the items for DIY projects. Glitters, glue, craft paper, flowers, seashells, beads, yarn can be used to personalize the favors you give to your guests. And if you want your guests to work in groups, then suggest decorating photo frames, matchboxes etc.

#4 Movie. Who told you, that you can't watch a romantic movie at your wedding reception? The screen can be installed outdoors as well as indoors and it's only up to you, what you're going to watch. If may be your favorite movie or a marathon of different romantic TV episodes. Provide guests with popcorn and sweets, and make sure that you have plenty of pillows to sit on.

#5 Photo booth. Having a photo booth at a wedding reception is fun and very popular. Your guests will entertain themselves by taking funny photos. Don't forget to decorate the inside of the booth according to your wedding theme.

#6 Write haiku. If you want your guests to be more creative and master the word, ask each table to write a haiku. Provide every table with pieces of nice paper and instruction on how to do it. Also provide each table with a topic, and a thesaurus would also be great for those, who will really get into it. Later organize a contest between each table and don't forget about the presents.

#7 Seasonal fun. If you have a wedding on one of the major holidays, then you can entertain guests in a traditional for the holiday way. Go around and sing carols or decorate cookies, if it's Christmas, or organize a haunted house on Halloween. Embrace the season and host the themed activity.



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