6 Benefits of Eating Dinner Together

6 Benefits of Eating Dinner TogetherModern world never lets us relax and spend as much time with our families as we want to. And only once or twice a week we manage to have a family dinner, when everyone gathers together at the table and eats home-made dishes. No matter how much you're busy, you should make family dinners a frequent ritual, because eating dinner together has many benefits.

#1 You communicate. Family dinners are very important for our relations. It's the time, when we can communicate with every member of the family during the day. And it's very important, because now you ensure that you don't drift apart.

#2 You can expose new foods. Family dinners are perfect setting for exposing children new foods. Whether you want your children to try something new or make them eat more vegetables and fruits, family dinners will help you. You become a pattern to follow, and when children see what you eat, they want to try it too. By the way, remember, that your child might not like the new food you're exposing to them from the first time, and usually it takes up to 8 days to get used to it. The right way to go is to ask your child to eat as much new food as they want to, and never say “You can leave the table once you finish your broccoli”.

#3 You children will become smarter. Family dinner isn't only about eating together very healthy food. It's also about communicating and your kids school reports. Preteens and teenagers who eat together with their families have higher grades at school, because they build their vocabulary and see, how adults use words in sentences.

#4 You model manners. Every child should know table manners, and the best time to display them is family dinner. By the way, you will also teach them social skills and meal etiquette. Keep the mood light, loving and relaxed.

#5 You can relax. Family dinners help women destress after a hard day at work. Many women say, that cooking dinner and having it with family helps them unwind, which we can't say about men.

#6 Your become self-sufficient. Modern children don't know, how to prepare the simplest meals. And when you involve your kids into preparing and cooking necessary foods, they can learn it all. Involve your family in grocery shopping, menu planning and food preparation, and then divide the chores. Choose something, that your kids definitely can do. Preschoolers can tear lettuce and set the table. Older children can cut, dice, chop, grill and bake.



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