How to Make a Family Time Capsule

How to Make a Family Time CapsuleThere are lots of ways that the humanity uses to preserve the records of the most important events, and one of them is a time capsule. Generally speaking, it's a container with different items that are popular or mean a lot at the moment, and people who live many years later after us can investigate them. It's a real message from future, and you can make your family time capsule for your grandchildren.

Every family needs a time capsule, because it's a real treasure for those, who open it. Whether you want your great-great-grandchildren (put as many greats as you want to) to find it or you mean to keep it for 5, 10 or 20 years and then open on your wedding anniversary, it's a fun way to preserve your memories and the moment of your life.

All your family should participate in creating your own time capsule. Choose different items, that are really meaningful for each of you. These may include hand-written letters, photos, postcards, baby's ID bracelet from the hospital, morning newspaper, etc. You can put anything and ask everyone to participate, even your pets!

Since all the items in your family time capsule have to last long, avoid using materials that deteriorate fast and contribute to the decay of other items in the capsule. Don't use any food and plants, also stay away from newspapers, since they are acidic enough and deteriorate fast. If you want to include it, make a photocopy onto archival quality paper (it's better to use this paper for all paper items you're going to put in). If you're going to write a message, then use only carbon-based ink. Try not to include CD's, because they last only for a decade or 25 years at most. And some materials can be stored forever! Glass, non-corroding metals, textiles made of non-plastic fibers, ceramic, items made of PET, PP and HDPE plastics.

And now, when all your items are gathered, you need a container. You can order a special time capsule or make your own. If you want to make your own time capsule, look for containers that can be tightly closed and will keep out light, moisture and dust. The material of the container should be chemically inert, like uncoated PET or PETE jar, aluminum or stainless steel can. Glass would also be a good choice, but it brakes to shatters.

Where should you keep your time capsule? Well, you can bury it in your yard or keep it in a special room (basements and attics are not the best place for that). And when the time comes, we hope you didn't forget to set the date when the capsule should be opened, you or your grandchildren will have a letter from the past. Isn't that exciting and great?



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