How to Find New Friends After Divorce

How to Find New Friends After DivorceMajor changes, like divorce, never affect only one sphere of life. In fact, when changes come everything starts moving the other way. You lose not only your partner, but also your social circle, and when you finally recover and crawl out of your divorce stone, you are alone and have nobody to talk to. It's time to socialize again, and we will tell you how to find new friends after divorce.

There are many reasons why we lose social circle after divorce. Sometimes we stay in a leave-me-alone-I-don't-want-to-see-anyone mood for so long, that our friends give up on us and leave us behind. Or it's just the fear to see ex. It even doesn't matter why we've lost our friends, that problem is that making new ones for an adult is really hard, because now we have to compete with busy schedules and other people to get attention we need.

Making new friends as an adult requires time. When you were a child, it was very simple, you could just share your snack with the kid you liked, and you're in, but when you're an adult, sharing snacks with others won't help. It will take more time and efforts. But first of all you need to know places, where you can meet new friends.

Your work. It's the very first place where you have to look for your friends. If there's someone who gathers everyone for a Friday beer and you always skip those meetings, it's time to change your mind. And if there's nobody to organize your local Friday-night-beer or wine club, you can be it's leader.

Go volunteering. Volunteers are always open-hearted people and they are happy when someone shares their point of view. If you're willing to find friends and make something useful for the society, start volunteering. Remember to find the projects where you don't have to be alone.

Join a club. Joining the club of your interests is the easiest way to find new friends. Luckily, we have so many different clubs nowadays, so you'll definitely won't stay alone. Don't think that you will make friends with the people from the club on you very first meeting, it will require some more time. And if you really want to succeed at that, choose clubs with regular scheduled meetings. When clubs don't meet on a regular basis, you're likely to lose track of many people.

Get in touch with your old friends. When you got married, you might lost touch with your old friends. That happens very often, so now it's time to remember those people. Call your friends to remind about yourself and say, that there are no hard feelings, even if they are, and suggest to reconnect.

Use your children. It's funny how adults deal with disliking parents of their children's friend. We assume that these people are not worth to spend time with, and we just live with that. But sometimes we find out that we were wrong, and these people turn out to be nice. If you want to check it out, organize playdates for your children and invite their friends with their parents. Everyone will be entertained and happy.



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