9 Things That Will Happen to You If You Tell Only Truth

9 Things That Will Happen to You If You Tell Only TruthOur world is full of lies, sweet lies. As Gregory House would say, everybody lies. But there are always people, who tell only truth in any circumstances and they feel and enjoy all benefits of their point of view. Check out these 9 things that will happen to you, if you tell only truth.

#1 You do not fear any more. Telling lie makes us constantly feel fear. We're afraid of things that will happen, if people find out that you lied. And when you aren't afraid, you feel much better and you can look into people's eyes and never feel ashamed.

#2 You don't need to remember your own lie. When you lie, you need to make up a story about what happened and then remember it and stick to it. And when your mind is not overwhelmed by fake stories, you can focus on other things and become more effective.

#3 You don't have to answer too many questions. When you make up a credible story, you have to answer yourself so many questions and think, what other people could ask you. You try to find answers to all questions and make them comply with your lie.

#4 People will trust you. It doesn't take much time to figure out what kind of person you are. People can believe you for a month or two, but in the end everybody will know that you're a liar. And when everyone knows that you don't lie, they can rely on you and never investigate your words, because you're a truthful person.

#5 You will look more beautiful. Constant lying makes you feel more anxious and stressed. Your feelings affect how you look! And when you don't lie, you're happy and look more beautiful.

#6 You're good with realism. People who tell the truth are better in touch and in understanding of reality. Lying disillusions other people and then the liar themselves.

#7 You will improve relationship with other people. Think, whether your friend lies to you or not? If yes, how often? If it happens too often, do you really appreciate this person and can call them your real friend? We bet you don't, as well as other people. Nobody wants to have a friend, a partner, a parent or a sibling, who is not trustworthy.

#8 You will be more courageous. Sometimes it's very hard to say the truth and admit, that it was your fault. And if you can do that, then you're a really courageous person. Only cowards who try to avoid any responsibilities. And if you're not afraid to tell the truth, then you won't be afraid of any difficulties in your life.

#9 You will be an example to follow. Not a single mom will tell her child to follow the example of a liar, instead of that she tells to be truthful, because only truth is the greatest merit. So if you want other people to value you and see you as an example, then stop telling lie.



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