8 Most Common Reasons Why Newlyweds Fight

8 Most Common Reasons Why Newlyweds FightFighting is natural, and absence of fight is as bad as constant fights with your your second half. And before you get married, find out about the most common reasons why newlyweds fight. We're not telling, that you will have the same fights, as we mention them, but at least you will know what to expect and will be able to handle the fights the right way.

#1 Money. Money is always #1 reason why people fight. Before you lived separately, you didn't know about the money problems each of you had. And now you start learning each other's spending habits. You're a saver, and your partner never cares about money and spends a lot, so that is a reason to fight. And you will fight about money every week. But if you have the same priorities and spending habits, then you're likely never face this issue.

#2 Post-wedding blues. Organizing a wedding is very hard and you used to have so many things to plan: bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding and finally your honeymoon. Now, when everything is over, you need some time to transit to everyday life again, and it what makes you feel blue. Avoid it by sharing all small wins with your spouse and finding pleasure in the mundane.

#3 Upset family members. There's always someone, who will be unhappy with the choice you make. You've chosen to spend holidays with your spouse, while your or their family thought, that you'd come to visit them. And when you visit your family, you spouse's family is unhappy, because it's not them, who are visited, etc. The unhappiness of family members leads to your fights.

#5 Having children. The question of having children should have been discussed before marriage, but if you do it now, there's no way to negotiate. The thing is, that when the child arrives, your plans and point of view will be totally changed.

#6 Sex routine. Newlyweds do have sex, despite the common thought that your sex drive dies when you get married. But you might not enjoy it, especially, if you've decided to have a baby. Sex seems to be a hard work, rather than pleasure. And that's where it really disappears and fights appear.

#7 Miscommunication. Healthy communication is the basis for your relationship, but sometimes couples find it difficult to communicate. And the reason is the marriage itself. You have so many temptations to win every argument you have and prove you were right, that you never notice the red flags of an argument growing into a fight. Avoid it by being honest with your spouse. Also never use sarcasm, because it confuses things even more.

#8 Trifles. Some biggest fights grow out the trifles, that you've never noticed before. And the problem is, that they last for months. For instance, never changing the empty roll of toilet paper, leaving dirty dishes in the sink, whistling while peeing, keeping the toilet seat up, etc. You think, that you've never known about any of the annoying habits your spouse has, but living under one roof brings to light everything. Only good communication will help you avoid fights over trifles.



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