Simple Techniques to De-Stress in Under Two Minutes

Simple Techniques to De-Stress in Under Two MinutesYou don't sleep enough, work hard and have to confront people who drive you crazy. You're stressed, and it makes you feel terrible. It's time to become a happier and more relaxed person, so master these simple techniques to de-stress in under two minutes.

Breathe. It may sound very funny and too simple, but it really works, that's why it's number one in our list. The chemistry behind this technique is very simple: you concentrate your mind on your body feelings rather than the mess that is going on around you.

When you feel tense, try this exercise, that is called “4-7-8”. Close your eyes and inhale through your nose, counting to four, then hold your breath for seven counts and finally exhale for eight counts. The exhales should be longer than inhales, because they help lowering heart rate and blood pressure. Holding your breath increases the level of carbon dioxide in your blood that makes vessels relax and lower blood pressure. By the way, you might have noticed, that sometimes you hold your breath, when you watch TV at night after a hard day. It's how your brain helps you de-stress!

Use scents. Different scents produce a certain effect helping calm down, revitalize or energize. If you want to de-stress, fill the room with the aroma of lavender. You can also use other scents, that you love most, because they will produce the same effect.

Stretch. Stress makes your muscles tighten up, thus preparing your body for action. But you're sitting at a desk, not running for your life! So your muscles need stretching for de-stressing your body. Every hour or two make simple exercises: stretch your arms over your head, touch toes, bend, stretch legs and pull toes up.

Massage. Massaging your tight muscles produces the same effect as stretching. Your muscles relax, and you're not so stressed. First of all, tighten all your muscles and then relax yourself. Give your neck, shoulders and upper back or forehead some quick massage during the stressful day, and you will notice, how your body responds.

Remember your vacation. Vacation, what a sweet word, and it's the time when you forget about your work and really can de-stress. Although you can't take a flight to the nearest tropical island right now, your imagination can do that for you. Remember the most exciting moment of your vacation and try to relive it with all you five senses. When you open your eyes, you will feel much better.

Drink more water. Water is what your body needs, so don't forget to drink liquids during the day. Pure water and herbal teas are good choices, and try to avoid caffeine, if you're really stressed. Your brain is already pumping, and caffeine will only strengthen this effect.



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