3 Decisions You Should Never Let Your Parents Make for You

3 Decisions You Should Never Let Your Parents Make for YouThey say that parents know what is best for their children… but do they really? Sometimes they think they know and they do want the best for their children, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. There are important life choices that are yours and only yours to make. Here are 3 decisions you should never let your parents make for you once you’re legally an adult.

Picking a college. Picking the right college probably is one of the first important “adult” choices. Your profession and college choice affects your career therefore it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It also shouldn’t be taken from you. Your parents can help you weigh the pros and cons of different colleges, but in the end the choice is all yours because it affects your future. Of course, there are nuances. For example, if your parents pay for your college, they can deny financial support if you choose the “wrong” college, so be ready to figure something out.

Who you should date and be friends with. Sometimes parents don’t like their children’s friends. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the friends are bad. Maybe they just got off the wrong foot or have clashing personalities. And we think everyone has had at least one boyfriend or girlfriend their parents disapproved of. However, your parents don’t have the right to dictate you who you should date or be friends with. The only time they are allowed to step in is when your partner or friends are hurting you or taking advantage of you.

Getting married/having a baby. Societal pressure is still a thing in today’s modern society. People are expected to settle down, start a family and have kids once they’ve reached a certain age and/or level of income. At some point you may notice that your parents have started dropping hints about planning your wedding or wanting grandchildren. It may be adorable or annoying (or both at once), but the bottom line is that you shouldn’t let your parents pressure you into getting married or having a baby just because they want you to, especially because this decision also involves your partner.

There is one more important thing to keep in mind. We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t listen to your parents at all. They have the right to express their opinions and concerns while you should hear them out even when you know you’re going to disagree. You don’t have to always agree with their opinion, but you should respect it. That being said, in the end you’re the one to make a choice. Just remember that you’re also the one to take responsibility and live with the consequences of your choices.



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