Online Save-the-Date Etiquette and Tips

Online Save-the-Date Etiquette and TipsShould it be paper or online save-the-date card? That's the question many brides and grooms ask themselves while planning their weddings. About five years ago online save-the-date cards considered to be something faux pas, but now they are as fine as the classic paper invitations. So if you want to use them rather than paper ones, you're free to go, but remember these online save-the-date etiquette and tips.

Formality. When you think of paper works for your wedding, like invitations, save-the-date, bridal shower invitations, and even place cards, you choose only one style to follow. They reflect the theme of your wedding and complement it, becoming its little accents. The same approach should be used for the online invites. However, you still hardly know the theme of your wedding, that's why it's very hard to find the save-the-date cards you need. In this case the cards should at least match the formality of your wedding. So if you're thinking of planning the black tie wedding, then online cards won't reflect the same grandeur as the regular ones. Remember about that!

Recipients. Digital save-the-date cards are delivered very fast, but there are always people, who don't use the Internet. So if you're going to invite your grandparents, think about using the paper cards. Also spread the word to the guests to keep an eye on their e-mail box and regularly check spam, because sometimes invitations may go right to that folder.

Ordering status report. Some electronic card companies provide their clients with additional services, that let you know, if your save-the-date card was delivered, opened and even deleted. It's very handy to know, who had seen the invite or not.

Time. Time when you send online save-the-date cards is the same, as you send regular cards. So remember sending them 6 to 9 months before your wedding!

Choosing the site. There are many sites that provide chic invites, however, the quality and design of the invites they have may vary. Many couples find that Evite and Minted are pretty nice, however, there are much better places to look for the invites. PaperlessPost, Pingg and Greenvelope are known for the best invites ever. They also let you customize the design of the invites you choose and change the text. Many of the digital cards are free, but the paid ones are much better.

Additional costs. Mere save-the-date cards delivered by e-mail look casual, but you can make them look much better by ordering extra services. For instance, the card can be delivered in a personalized envelope, and it will cost you just a couple dollars more. The expenses are not very high, but the message will be really impressive.



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