6 Things All Girls Want Their Guys to Do on a First Date

6 Things All Girls Want Their Guys to Do on a First DateThere are so many stories about the wreck first dates, that you're afraid to spoil everything, especially, if you like this girl so much. You want to make everything perfect, but you never know what your date would like you to do or not to. It's hard to know all the wishes of every girl, however, there are some general things, that all girls want their guys to do on a first date.

#1 Make some effort. You love wearing that T-shirt and jeans, but this outfit might be not appropriate for the first date. Dress code can vary, and if you're going for a walk to a blossoming orchard, you shouldn't wear a suit. However, if you want to take your girl to a restaurant, then think about the clothes you're going to wear. They should be clean and ironed. Also don't forget to shave and comb your hair. If you show that you haven't made any effort to look good, it will give her impression, that she's not important for you.

#2 Pay her attention. Act like she's the only woman in the room, because it's your date. We bet you wouldn't like your date to drool over every sexy guy who struts by. Your girl should be the center of attention! And turn off your cell phone, iPad etc. Ignore the text messages. Just make your girl to feel special for these couple of hours.

#3 Make her remember you by. Although you know it, you never pay attention to the fact, that every girl wants an impressive first date. We don't say that you have to take her to ride a balloon on your first date, however, you can impress her and make her remember you. For instance, instead of showing up with a bunch of flowers at her door, bring a cookie bouquet. Choose for something special, like a fondue date instead of order-and-wait meal date.

#4 Something more, than just a movie. Movie dates are good for the couples who already know each other. However, many guys opt for them for the first date. It's so great to watch a movie with the person you like, but there's no time when you get to know each other better. The first date should be the one, where you talk a lot (no matter how much you're afraid of those silly questions and uncomfortable silence). Once you plan a movie date, then go to it early enough, so you can sit somewhere else and talk later, or go to dinner first.

#5 Pay for her. The days that all guys pay for girls are long gone, however, the tradition holds itself and girls appreciate, when guys offer to pay for the dinner themselves. Even if your girl doesn't want this and goes dutch, at least you've shown her your manners and that you're responsible enough. Now it depends on her only what to choose: let you pay (and then she will pay later for something) or go dutch.

#6 Don't press. You would like to end the date with a kiss, and you don't care, whether the girl is really interested in you or not. It's just that silly moment, when you think that if you don't kiss the girl, you're being rude. Don't forget, that it's only the first date, and many girls would like to save kissing for the second or even the third one. If you're really interested in this girl, then find a more romantic time and place for the kiss, rather than a spot at her door, when she barely knows you. And if you don't know how to end the date, then give her a nice hug and thank her for going out with you.



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