6 Simple and Romantic Ways to Propose on Valentine's Day

6 Simple and Romantic Ways to Propose on Valentine's DayValentine's Day is the most romantic holiday and you're sure that you will spend it together with the person you love. And if you're planning to propose, then you can't find any better day for that. We've gathered for you 6 ways to propose on Valentine's Day.

#1 Candy hearts. Giving candies on Valentine's Day is a cliché, however, they will do everything right for your proposal. Mark the path with candy hearts leading to a spot where you are waiting for your sweetheart standing on one knee. Also don't forget to have a box of chocolate candies and a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

#2 Red roses. Roses, as well as candies, are the most common gift for V Day. And now you can make your gift special. For instance, hide a ring in a huge bouquet of red roses that you're going to give to your girlfriend. But if you're not sure that it will work, then use another idea. If you want to propose your sweetheart in the morning, then leave roses everywhere she can find them: in her pockets, shoes, near the bed, and here you are standing on one knee. If you're planning an evening proposal, then you have a good chance to turn her place into a rose-sprinkled wonderland.

#3 Use your pet. If you girlfriend loves you, she surely loves your pet, and it can aid in your proposal. Teach your dog to fetch little notes where you ask your sweetheart to marry you. Even your girlfriend's cat can be incorporated into the proposal! Tie a ring to its collar, if it wears one, and wait till your sweetheart finds it.

#4 A romantic walk. Who wouldn't like to go to a some beautiful place on Valentine's Day? Spend some time to find a very beautiful spot where you'd like to take your girlfriend to and make a romantic trip or walk there, if it's somewhere near your place. And while you go there tell your girlfriend, why you love her so much and finally propose on the site you wanted to show her.

#5 Writings in the snow. It might be snowy where you live, and you can take advantage of it. You need to find a location with an untouched snow and walk an outline of heart and your initials in the center of it. Then come back home, pack a thermos of hot chocolate and take your sweetheart to a walk together. “Accidentally” find your tracings and then take a pause to kneel and propose.

#6 Restaurant. Restaurants are the second most popular place for proposals (while home is the first), so if going to a restaurant is really planned for the day, then don't miss an opportunity to make your proposal special. Don't forget to tell the manager that you want to propose, so they will give you a couple of examples, how this location can help you. For instance, the chefs can write words “Will you marry me?” on the rim of your sweetheart's plate or dessert she will order. No matter what you choose, just don't hide the ring in her food!



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